Any one ever been stung by a bristle worm?


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Aug 23, 2020
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Bristle worm sting?? In all my 32 years of keeping tanks, 13 of them salt. And doing maintenance for a living, I've never been stung by anything. Until today, In my own Reef tank!! As I grabbed a rock to move it over a little to adjust some coral, I felt a prick or something in my 2 middle fingers. At first I thought it was my urchin but then saw that urchin on the other side of the tank. I'm guessing it was a bristle worm? Couldn't see the back of the rock to find out and I wasn't going to grab it again! Anyways, has anyone ever been stung by one? My finger hurt like a *****! Throbbing still hasn't stopped all the way, 6 hours later!!! dang that hurt

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