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Apr 15, 2014
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I have a nother complicated question.

I'm trying to schedule a semi-automatic water change.

Now, My apex is pretty complex as it is. I have multiple feeds setting, and programs to stop certain things and as painful as it was, I don't want to touch any of that. But currently, I have to manually turn on a virtual outlet, wait for that to stop, to then turn on a pump, and then the rest of the automation takes it from there.

I have a virtual outlet nemed Vir-Maintence. When I manually turn that on, it turns off the Return pump and wave maker. (My skimmer turns off automatically when my return pumps is off and waits 15 mins until it turns back on) I then have to drain 10 Gals manually and then turn that Virtual Outlet off which will then turn on the return pump. The issue is that my return pump is much faster than my Water Change Pump and the return portion on the sump runs out of water. I also have to turn on the Water change Pump manually as well.

Is there a way to turn on the Vir-Maintenance outlet, make it wait around 3 mins and then automate the rest, which means, to turn on the WC-Pump and turn on the ReturnPump afterwards without touching my current programming.

On my water programing, I have a chamber with a float sensor and a selenoid attached to a float-switch. I also have a Virtual Outlet Vir-Sal which automatically turns off my WC-Pump and turns on the Selenoid when the float sensor is open so that it starts pumping water and re-fills the salt mix chamber for the next water change.

Here's what I have so far.

Vir-Sal - Virtual Outlet
If Sw-Sal OPEN Then ON --- this is my float sensor. I use this to time the time period for how long it takes to re-fill the chamber with new water.
Min Time 033:20 Then ON
Defer 000:20 Then ON

WC_Pump - Outlet
Fallback OFF
If Output Vir-mainten = ON Then ON --- If my virtual outlet is on, it will turn on the pump. to move water from the salmix canister to the sump
If Sw-Hig OPEN Then OFF --- If my float switch is open on my sump, then it will turn off the pump
If Sw-Sal OPEN Then OFF --- if my float switch on the bottom of my salt water mix is opened, then turn off the pump so that the pump won't burn out.
Defer 003:00 Then ON
Min Time 005:00 Then OFF

ReturnPump - Outlet
Fallback ON
Set ON
If FeedA 015 Then OFF
If FeedB 030 Then OFF
If Output Vir-Maintena = ON Then OFF

WC_selenoi - Outlet
If Sw-Hig OPEN Then OFF
If Output Vir-Ro = ON Then ON
If Output Vir-Sal = ON Then ON

Vir-Maintena - Virtual Outlet
Fallback OFF
Set OFF --- Right now this is a manual process.

What I woudl like is when I turn on the Vir-Maintena outlet, for it to wait for 3 Mins - giving me to drain 10 Gals of water out of the tank, and then automatically, to have it turn on the ReturnPump and the WC-Pump allowing the rest of the programming to take place uninterupted so that it can then turn on the selenoid and re-fill the canister to have new fresh salt mix.

I know it's a bit complicated my water change on my apex. But I think we all have control issues. It's just my programming is not as advance as you all guys...

Thank you in advance.

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Jan 18, 2018
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I'm not 100% clear on your whole process, but I can point you in the right direction.

To create a 3 minute delay after you turn on Vir-Maintenance, create an additional virtual output with a Defer timer:

If Output Vir-Maintena = ON Then ON
Defer 003:00 Then ON

Then in your pump program, change it to reference this new output instead of Vir-Maintena:

If Output Vir-Delay = ON Then ON

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