Aquarium Specialty 13th Anniversary Live Sale Announcement

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Aug 2, 2011
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Aquarium Specialty 13th Anniversary Shades of Fall Live Sale Announcement

WHEN: Saturday September 29th 12:00 noon EDT (Easter Daylight Time)

We will have hundreds of corals for sale with some corals 40% t0 50% off!!! Including Several $10.00 and $20.00 corals that we have been growing out in our coral farm for 2+ Years. We have fully encrusted frags and many of them are twice the size of frags you would typically see in a live sale. Additionally, many of our WYSIWYG coral photos were taken Mid-August. You may notice new growth or additional polyps when the order arrives at your door.




How to qualify for giveaway prizes:

Complete at least 3 of the 6 entries/steps below and purchase at least 1 coral during the live sale:

Be sure to make a post in this thread for each of the entries you've completed.

Additionally we will be giving away additional items for live sale participants that make at least one post every hour during our live sale. More on that at a later date. Names will be drawn the following Monday and we will PM you through Reef2Reef if your name was selected.

* if you already have an account and you are receiving our newsletter this is counted as 1 of the 3 options. 1 prize per person.

We will post "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) corals in this thread with a title of the coral (almost all corals), picture, the sale price and a link to purchase it from our website. To win, you must be the first person to complete the checkout and the coral is yours. The first person to finish the checkout wins it and the coral is then sold out!

All orders are final, no refunds on livestock. No exchanges, credits, gift cards, coupons, or extra discounts (no reward points) can be used towards any items in the sale. DO NOT USE REWARD POINTS FOR THIS SALE. We will not accept them during this sale. If you already have an account and you have reward points in your account then save those for another time.

Communication will be through thread posts and Private Messages during the sale. Keep in mind we will be very busy during the live sale so be patient with us because we may not respond immediately.

We expect to have over 500 corals total and they will be posted incrementally throughout the sale until all corals have been listed. Expect a batch of 4 - 7 new corals to be posted every 5 minutes or so. This is our 1st every live sale so please be patient with us and respectful to us and others during and after the live sale. We want to make this as great of an experience for you as possible.

SHIPPING - We have flat rate shipping options during the live sale. Please purchase a shipping unit/option before, during or after the live sale at our discounted live sale rate. Shipping is not free and we will not ship out an order unless the shipping has been paid in advance.

To purchase live sale shipping units, please visit this link.

* If you PM us through R2R or communicate with us through email then please include your full name & phone # in your communications. We have no idea who you are through your R2R screen name.

Additionally you may contact us through our website by visiting this link. We encourage all live sale participants to create an account prior to the live sale. Creating an account and signing up for our newsletter will give you free reward points that you may use at a later date but not during the live sale and it will help you qualify for our giveaways (as mentioned above).

Those who make a post every hour PLEASE DO NOT say "check in" or "hi, I'm here" just make at least one meaningful post every hour during sale hours. You must PM us after the sale if you believe you qualified so we can verify your posts and include you in the giveaway.

Shipping during and after the live sale will be $29.99 for the Continental United States and shipping South Carolina residents will be $19.99. Again, to purchase a shipping unit please click this link.

It is a good idea to purchase your shipping unit as soon as possible to secure your delivery date as shipment numbers are limited by day.

You only need to pay for one shipping unit. Simply choose "Local Pickup" as the delivery option so no additional shipping are charged.

We will not hold any orders except for weather/FedEx related issues.

In-store pickups will be allowed by appointment beginning October 3rd. Just choose "Live Sale Shipping/Local Pickup" at checkout.

Choose which day you would like to receive your order. Aquarium Specialty will refund your shipping unit if you do not purchase anything during the live sale.

If you have any questions then please post them below. Some of your questions may prompt us to edit or clarify details of this announcement.

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May 8, 2006
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Congrats on getting ready for your first LIVE SALE here on R2R! I know you have been working hard on this so I am sure it's going to be awesome!


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Apr 28, 2018
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Liked the Facebook and Facebook auction page, following on instagram and created an account on the website and signed up for your newsletter. Excited to grab some nice corals from you!

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