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  1. footgal

    Jason Fox Favia?

    I bought a punked out Favia from the last JF live sale and the WYSIWYG picture isn’t really what I got (pics below). The mass destruction Favia looks beautiful but I’m worried about the colors being inaccurate. Anybody buy this coral and can vouch for it? here’s the mass destruction I’ve got my...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!! WOW, time sure does fly! Thank you to our many customers as well as our friends and family like @revhtree here at R2R! In order to celebrate, we are hosting another great LIVE SALE! Join us RIGHT HERE on November 9th FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT EST Want to win a $200...
  3. AquariumSpecialty

    14th Anniversary Aquarium Specialty Fall Kickoff Live Sale - Sept 28th

    Scroll Down for Details and Teasers! THE LIVE SALE BEGINS TOMORROW 9/28/2019 AT NOON EASTERN.
  4. WWC

    WWC TimeSplitter 2019 LIVE SALE! 2,500+ WYSIWYG Corals, 200+ $5 Frags!

    2 days of corals discounted up to 70% off or more, Over 200 $5 frags, raffle prizes, and tons of fun! There will be 2500+ frags, etc offered up during the sale, which is our most ever! Sale starts Saturday, May 18th at 10 A.M. est and goes on for 14 hours straight until Midnight EST. The sale...
  5. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's 8th Anniversary Live Sale November 10th - OFFICIAL THREAD!

    Wow! Where has the time gone?! Our 8 year anniversary is quickly approaching and we would love for YOU to celebrate with us! BE HERE at 4pm EST on Saturday November 10th! Want to win a $200 gift card for use DURING the sale? It's pretty easy. Follow the steps below and you will be...
  6. uniquecorals

    LiveSale Weekend! Oct 13 & 14th, 9am to 6pm PST. Grand Prize Croc Island Scoly!

    The fire will be going all weekend long! Reef2Reef LiveSale Saturday and Sunday, 9am to 6pm Pacific Time. Lots of $5 doorbusters, prizes, and amazing deals. Frags, colonies, signature corals, limited releases, and more! If you have participated in any of our past live sales, we thank you...
  7. AquariumSpecialty

    Shades of Fall Live Sale - Additional 15% Discounts

    Ok, the remaining corals have been marked down an additional 15%. Reminder, shipping is not free. Live Sale shipping units will be available until Wednesday Oct 3rd. The left over sale prices and the discounted shipping rate will also end Oct 3rd at midnight...
  8. AquariumSpecialty

    Aquarium Specialty 13th Anniversary Live Sale Announcement

    Aquarium Specialty 13th Anniversary Shades of Fall Live Sale Announcement WHEN: Saturday September 29th 12:00 noon EDT (Easter Daylight Time) We will have hundreds of corals for sale with some corals 40% t0 50% off!!! Including Several $10.00 and $20.00 corals that we have been growing out in...
  9. AquariumSpecialty

    Aquarium Specialty Live Auction Page

    We just created a new Aquarium Specialty Live auction page on Facebook. Please like us to follow along. We will begin offering live auctions soon.
  10. uniquecorals

    UniqueCorals R2R LIVE SALE announced! Jan 27th 11am PST

    You asked for it, and now it's here! January 27th starting at 11am, it'll be like Christmas morning all over again. RULES: You MUST first purchase a shipping module here. Then shop as much as you like and we'll combine shipping for you. We will be posting some corals $5, $10, $15 each...
  11. AquaNerd

    Joe Know Reefs Live Sale with Teasers

    Click the link to see some of the corals that Joe Knows Reefs will be offering this coming Saturday.
  12. YourReef

    YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! Saturday 11/4- 2pm-6pm pacific time

    Join us on Reef2Reef Saturday November 4th from 2pm-6pm (pacific time) for our YR Last Live Sale- For the Year! 500+ WYSIWYG frags including $1-$10 frag specials, a free frag for everyone that orders & prizes/giveaways! Purchasing Guidelines (How the sale works)- We will be posting corals in...
  13. dcom

    Best R2R Live sales?

    Hi guys, I've recently participated in 2 live auctions from: Cherry corals and Frag House corals. Those have been my first live sales ever and they went pretty good. Does any one knows any other good live sales coming soon ? or what your favorite R2R live sales are?
  14. AquaNerd

    Joe Knows Reef Live Sale this Saturday

    Helping spread the word...
  15. AquariumSpecialty

    Support Sponsor Joe Knows Reef and help put shoes on the babies

    Joey needs pool shoes for his growing family. Help put shoes on the baby and shop his live sale this coming Saturday at Noon EST. Good luck Joe! And don't forget to like us on Facebook...
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