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Aquariums, Stands, Lights For Sale WISCONSIN

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Feb 11, 2017
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Sussex, WI
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Hello everyone. I hope you are ready to get the tank of your dreams!! LOCATED IN SUSSEX WI!!

250 gallon Deep Dimensions tank (5’x3’x26” tall) stand, canopy and some PVC piping (for overflows, saves you about $150 in plumbing costs). You will need a trailer or large truck to pick up the entire package. Stand is built above and beyond with directional load bearing design and torsional rigidity (things important for supporting a large tank). Best offer!

145 gallon Acrylic Frag/Colony growout tank. Lights and stand. 72x28x20 (LxWxH). Serious space to grow corals! The stand is highly functional with shelving and over built. Painted in highly durable outdoor paint. The lights (Quanta Pro’s put out between 400-500 peak PAR and grow SPS like crazy. Best offer!

5’ 8 bulb ATI sun power WITH NEW BULBS, I have several, best offer.

I have a bunch of odds and ends on top of this. Maxspec gyres, shallow grow out system 4x2x7” tall.

5535D2BA-EE19-4AA8-9F01-12515EF390E3.jpeg IMG_3183.jpeg IMG_3137.jpeg IMG_3185.jpeg IMG_3186.jpeg 57336842907__44412435-67D4-4017-AC20-0FCA779577A7.jpeg IMG_2620.jpeg IMG_2295.jpeg IMG_1513.png IMG_1203.jpeg


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Aug 11, 2013
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Wisconsin -
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Please note I've seen this stuff in person and is coming from a very knowledgeable and artistic reefer. beyond high quality

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