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Beautiful High End Torches

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Jul 22, 2022
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San Francisco
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$60 shipping. $200 min. Or pick up in SF.

Standard DOA policy. Must take photos while in the original packaging.

TCK Master Torch, Large Head-$600
OG Todd’s Torch, Splitting- $300
Indo Gold Torch, 2 heads- $200
Indo Gold Torch, 1 head- Sold
Dragon Soul, 2 heads- Sold
24k, 2 heads- Sold
24k, 1 head- $150
CC21 Tails, 2heads- Sold
Large Green Torch- Sold
Hellfire Torch, 1hd- $100
IMG_0428.jpeg IMG_0442.jpeg
IMG_0598.jpeg IMG_0438.jpeg IMG_0443.jpeg IMG_0432.jpeg IMG_0601.jpeg IMG_0599.jpeg IMG_0444.jpeg
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