1. T

    Any euphyllia corals here in NC?

    Is anyone here asking any euphyllia corals here in NC?
  2. sujcab111

    Is my bubble coral bleaching?

    I haven’t looked at it under normal light now that I think of it but here are some pictures. Some insight would be appreciated!
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    Torch and hammer coral flow requirements?

    I have just added a small powerhead to my biocube 32 LED. I dont know the brand since it was gifted to me by my brothers. I have a super tiny hammer coral and a torch coral both in the tank. How much flow will they be able to stand? I am trying to increase the flow to help my zoa and fight a...
  4. C

    Mystery Torch

    Hello everyone. I was hoping someone could tell me the name of this torch coral. I bought it last week and it's doing great but it bothers me that I don't know the name of it or what it's called in the hobby at least. The LFS that I bought it from says they haven't seen a torch like that before...
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    hamer coral tissues question

    I have a SUPER tiny hammer coral. Its starting to have some tissue recession between the heads. it only has two heads and up until about a week ago the tissue between the heads went all the way down and connected. Now the tissue is receding back to where it only has tissue on each individual...
  6. TangAddict

    Coral problems

    most of my chalice, LPS, montipora, and euphelia corals have been either closed, or loosing color. I’ve tested and everything seems normal. Soft corals and zoas look fine. Any ideas?
  7. Themastaa

    AIO Build 32 Coralife Biocube reef

    Hi my name is Robert. I am from south jersey outside of philadelphia. I am 30 just got back into the hobby this Christmas. Bought my girlfriend a Biocube32 we got the stand from Coralife and the protein skimmer. We are almost 3 week into having it setup. We used caribsea bahamas oolite as...
  8. capt.dave

    Euphyllia Unwell

    Good evening R2R. I'm looking for some suggestions concerning Euphyllia no longer extending polyps. SETUP: 120g mixed reef. Shallow sand. Lit with Aquatic Life T5/LED Hybrid running ATI Blue+ and 2 Kessel A360Ws. Supplement with BRS/Tropic Marin Balling Method and adding Red Sea Reef...
  9. hds4216

    New research shows Hammers and Frogspawn aren't Euphyllia after all

    New research has shown that Hammers and Frogspawn, alongside some of their variants, aren't actually Euphyllia. The Euphyllia genus is set to shrink dramatically to reflect the fact that these species are being reclassified to a new genus - Fimbriaphyllia. The old Euphyllia genus will be left...
  10. ItsNiQi

    What’s with my torch?

    I’ve had this torch for over 8 months and it’s been doing amazing but lately it hasn’t expanded as much. The tentacles are fat and wrinkly and look as if they’re twisting off. The color is more vibrant now which I find weird. It’s mouth is closed. It looks like there’s a lot of baby tentacles...
  11. Legonch


    Tomorrow am, at 8am mst, this torch goes up for sale, in the members only section of!! This torch is a dark stem, neon green center, with baby blue tips and orange/peach colored tips. This coral will be listed with a very attractive discount off retail. We will be...
  12. TopShelfAquatics

    This update is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Just a sneak peak at some of the fire going on our site tonight!!! Don't let these gems slip away!!
  13. NickCage007

    Maryland Maryland Torches for sale

    Hey folks! I have an aquacultured single head of Dragon soul, and an aquacultured head of Ny knicks, for sale. Both are single heads. Also have a 3 splitting head, (6 heads, just not seperated completely yet) indo purple torch with a green mouth, and blue tips. Asking 350 for the Knicks 250...
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    The Holiest of TSA Holy Grail Torches!!!

    A couple beauties that we have cooking up at the farm!!
  15. M

    EMERGENCY My Frogspawn has a White growth on its skeleton

    Hi I am in need of some help figuring out what is growing on/happening to my frogspawn... it appears to be some sort of growth on the bottom left of the skeleton where the skeleton meets the frag plug. I have had the frag for around 4 months and it has been thriving in my tank. I do regular...
  16. fishnreef

    Livestock Purple Tip Frogspawn $12

    Purple Tip Frogspawn $12 We would like to thank our local community for their support during these difficult times so we are putting a fan favorite up for grabs until the end of September, while supplies last! Please email us if you have any questions. Also message us if you are in the area and...
  17. H

    Do I remove Skeleton Wall hammer

    So had this wall hammer just over a week. And it’s completely melted off. Stripped back to the Skelton. No idea why, because got a frogspawn at the same time and that has been thriving. my question is, do I get rid of the Skelelton or is there a change of regrowth?
  18. D

    Help with torch coral

    I've been dealing with a few tank problems lately and I suspect they largely contributed to my torch's recession. That said, I could be missing something. Pics: I'm just getting over a huge bacteria or phytoplankton bloom with help from an UV sterilizer. My tank was a "pea soup" color and...
  19. O

    Help I.D torch coral

    I got into the reefing hobby last year and I bought this torch coal at reefapalooza 2019 in Anaheim. The seller had it for $200 but gave me a deal when I went back at the end of the show on Sunday. I have no idea what this coral was even called all I know is that it's a type of indo torch and...
  20. Thakki

    Virginia FS - Dragon soul torches

    I have 4 frags for sale. Two head frag (#1 in pic) - $350 Single head frags (#3 and #4 in pic) - $200 each #2 in pic is single head but bigger...probably about to split. I can do $275 if interested...if not I will keep it. All pics taken using 20k orphek lens and galaxy phone. Local pickup...
  21. R

    How to properly feed an acan colony?

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I have a few questions regarding the proper way to feed an acan colony. I tried feeding my acans some reef roids but they didn’t seem to like it, they secreted some mucus. I have an acan colony that’s about 20-30 heads, I try to feed them about 3 times a...
  22. R

    Frogspawn advice needed

    Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well. I need some opinions and advice! I attached a video of my new frogspawn coral, I want you guys to let me know what you guys think as far as it’s condition, it doesn’t look like it’s fully open and I’m trying to figure out why. Do you think it’s getting...
  23. Koralik

    euphyllia paraancora

    Hello everyone In one hour my euphyllia change to something like this I never notice that before. Also start to close in the last pic. Hmmm someone can tell what happened to her ? Thank you
  24. kaihanu

    White Encrustment around Teal Hammer

    I recently noticed some stark white, porous material starting to surround my teal hammer. It’s rather squishy, but crackles a bit if you press too hard on it. This is the only coral in my tank that has this growth. The skeleton that I can still see still has normal color. Right around the time I...