1. T

    Frammer Coral recession or growth

    Hi all! Just wanted to get some opinions from others on this as I’ve never dipped my toes into hammers and noticed my Frammer corals tissue was moving up the skeleton. Is this something to be concerned about or is this signs of growth? Thanks in advance!
  2. LeleganceCoral

    Octospawn not happy

    recently bought the bright green octospawn, and it was happy and open for about a week until it started not opening fully. Newly added frogspawn is happy though, they are in the same flow, light, and all else, figure it is a chemical issue since it was happy when i first got it. At night it even...
  3. C

    Is this a pest?

    My frogspawn is shriveled up because I just moved it as I put in some different rock, but I just noticed these white dots on it that look odd. Any ideas if this is something bad? It’s usually in full extension when I don’t tick it off my moving it. Thanks
  4. S

    Torch Parasite id

    Just got this new torch from my lfs and saw this on it once i got it home, i didn't dip it before adding it to my tank (i know i should) just wondered what this was exactly so i can learn more. thanks
  5. V

    Fleshy looking lumps under torch coral tissue

    Hey all, assuming this torch is fine but curious as to what this is, not sure if it caught some food and is eating or if irritated, hasn't been retracted lately and all water params are in my standard range. Just curious to know if this can be identified.. TIA!
  6. ApartmentReefer

    California Live Goods Beautiful High End Torches

    $60 shipping. $200 min. Or pick up in SF. Standard DOA policy. Must take photos while in the original packaging. TCK Master Torch, Large Head-$600 OG Todd’s Torch, Splitting- $300 Indo Gold Torch, 2 heads- $200 Indo Gold Torch, 1 head- Sold Dragon Soul, 2 heads- Sold 24k, 2 heads- Sold 24k, 1...
  7. nycfreshreef

    Help with UC Amazeballs Goni Goniopora not fully opening while all other gonis in tank are doing amazing

    Hey guys , I just wanted to pick your brains of all those more experienced/wiser in the hobby than myself A little over a month ago I got lucky and purchased and amazeballs Goni frag directly from UC I have had it a little over a month and it has not every fully opened although it looks super...
  8. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA OG Holy Grail Torch

    TSA holy grail frags:grimacing-face: Happy to ship or local pickup 75019 Solo - 700 shipped Double - 1200 shipped Can cut more upon request
  9. nycfreshreef

    Small new mini hammer heads all over hammer stalk/skeleton & posting cool pics possibly

    Happy Friday , Happy Weekend Everyone Just wanted to post an interesting photo in one of my tanks Got this hammer several months ago as a smaller 2 head frag , it has since split once and then started growing little mini heads all over its stall , so far I can count 9 all around looks to be...
  10. nycfreshreef

    Expensive $500 Holy Grail Torch Arrived from Vendor Covered in Glue (& worms) What are your thoughts?

    I received a $500 holy grail coral in the mail yesterday. The skeleton was almost completely covered in glue (about 70% of it) from the bottom all the way up to the top on 2/3 of the skeleton/stalk is covered in a thick layer of frag glue , the 1/3 exposed skeleton that I can see is COMPLETELY...
  11. mjgonereefing

    Can someone ID this coral?

    I picked this up a few days ago and not sure if it’s a frogspawn or a torch? Can anyone positive ID this dude?
  12. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods Local novi MI, yellow tang, xl sailfin tang, nems, hammers, leather, zoas and more. Few fish as well

    Text 313-268-3195, local novi MI. rare xl blue sailfin tang 6” $150, nems $60 each have 10, take all $400
  13. Kobadinsky

    Help IDENTIFY!!!

    Hi Everyone, we got this coral from a friend and he forgot the name. Does anyone know what it might be called?
  14. TopShelfAquatics

    Looking for some AMAZING torches?!?! Look no further!!

    A few torches we are cooking up here at our farm! Absolutely amazing coloration and super healthy! What's your favorite torch?
  15. P

    Things are dieing, but I have information...need help

    Tank: innovative marine 10g cube. Filter floss, chemi pure blue in my stack. Return pump is mightjet SE to pulse at lowest setting with I'm random flow generator. No changes is light, or flow. I use redsea pro and weekly water change 2 gal if not more. Changed chemipure 2 days ago when I...
  16. W

    Skeleton showing on hammer

    Hi, I’ve been struggling to keep this hammer happy the past few days, during the day it looks some what deflated and during the night it fully retracts and shows skeleton. I’ve been struggling to keep parameters stable the past week. My alkalinity seems to drop from 7.7 to 6.9 in about 3 days...
  17. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA RASTA HAMMERS - Dallas, TX

    TSA rasta hammer frags. $50 per head Pickup 75019
  18. Queenofreef

    Texas Live Goods TSA OG Holy Grail - Will Ship

    TSA OG Holy Grail torch frags available. $750 shipped - solo head Can cut multiple heads upon request :beaming-face-with-smiling-eyes: Pickup 75019
  19. clownlovers

    EMERGENCY Torch coral needs help!

    Hello all, I need help here my torch has been doing this the past few days. It stiffs up and retracts it’s tentacles half way. It doesn’t flow in the wave and this is all during the daylight cycle. The perimeters are: Nitrate 100ppm (salifert) Nitrite 1ppm (“) Mag 1120 added mag new number 1320...
  20. alishasreef

    LPS Frogspawn not extending?

    My LPS Frogspawn use to be beautiful and extended flowing in the current, it’s now super withdrawn. Any advice? Parameters PH 8.0 nitrite 0 nitrate 1.1ppm Phosphate INV error (Hanna Instruments: advised it means i’m around 0, phosphates too low for the test to pick up) ammonia 0 alk 8.4...
  21. treebear87

    Is this a torch spewing eggs?

    Hi all! I’ve been watching this torch today because it looked fine in the am then at about 2pm it looked super whimpy and was releasing a clear mucus with white dots in it. The fish were trying to eat it so after doing a brief web search I decided to turn off the pumps etc and stand guard...
  22. Piyras

    EMERGENCY Torch coral problem

    Hi everyone! i have been long facing issues with some of my torches of shrinking and thinning of tentacles. one colony is doing great but other 3 aint that much. Their tentacles are retracted and very thin. My parameters are: phos :0.01 Nitrate: 6.3 cal: 490 (lowering it) Alk 8.3 Mag 1350...
  23. Piyras

    EMERGENCY Struggling with some torches!

    Hi everyone! New here. i have a tank for 2 years now. I have been long facing an issue with some torches loosing and thinning their tentacles. My stats: phos: .01 Nitrate:6.7 cal: 490 (lowering it down) Mag: 1350 Alk: 8.2 constant from last 2 months ph:7.8 Since I dont do water...
  24. TopShelfAquatics


    There is no doubt that in this hobby we have an abundance of colors to choose from when it comes to picking corals. With that said, we all know that green is a very prevalent color. But more and more we hear that everyone avoids the "green corals" We think they get a bad rap for no reason. If...
  25. Nanolifeuk

    Can flow cause Torch bailout?

    Struggling to find a spot where the flow is equally opposite in my tank. Torch polyps seem to lean towards on side. I’m concerned that the flow could maybe ‘peel’ the other side of flesh up thus causing bail out. Attached photo.