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May 5, 2023
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I ask a lot of questions here amd thank everyone for their input. Waned to take a moment to share my discovery and love for the hobby.

We have two puppies so we regularly go to Petsmart for dog food. January was my son's 6th birthday, and when asked what he wanted, he said a fish tank. I was expecting a cheap little bowl like I had when I was his age. To my surprise, my wife came home with a 10 gallon tank. Despite my son becoming disinterested immediately, my wife and I got into it and that 10 became a 40 gallon freshwater tank. Then, the best thing that could happen to me happened, I got pneumonia.

I was super sick and bedridden for awhile. I figured I'd take the time to look up fish for the tank (this was when we had the 10 gallon tank, and were already planning to get the 40). Someway, somehow, instead of only freshwater fish, I was starting to see videos for saltwater. I fell in love with it immediately and knew freshwater wasn't for me.

After talks with my wife, and plenty of saving, I eventually got my first saltwater tank that was planned to stay a FOWLR tank until we moved. A humble 20 gallon with dry rock I sculpted, due to fear of hitchhikers at the time, and two clowns

After some time talking with people here, I learned I didn't need to fear hitchhikers from live rock. Thankfully one of the people telling me this saw I live in Tampa, and told me about Tampa Bay Saltwater. I immediately replaced my leftmost structure with live rock.

My wife loves the live rock and what came on it. Now. Due to our situation changing for the better, not only will we ditch the FOWLR plan, but we will be upgrading to a 40 gallon breeder with more live rock as well.

I've got the gear I want planned out

Edit: got scammed by user Birdman Broham, so I didn't get the lights I wanted. But will buy some AI Primes through an official source

Thanks to everyone who has given me information and guidance. I can't wait for the day that I'm set up in my 40 and able to start putting in corals

Current livestock
2x Clownfish
1x Tailspot blenny
1x purple firefish
1x pom pom crab
Assorted snails and hermit crabs
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Mixing an (un)intentional concoction: Do you know what you are adding to your reef tank?

  • I am aware of every item that is added to my reef tank.

    Votes: 11 64.7%
  • I know most of the items that are added to my reef tank.

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  • I am somewhat aware of the items that are added to my reef tank.

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  • I follow the directions of others when adding items to my reef tank.

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  • I randomly add items to my reef tank.

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  • Other.

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