best gyre for a back wall of a 150 gal tank

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Apr 13, 2013
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richmond california
I have a 150 gallon tank, 6 ft x 18 deep, x 30 high. deep sand bed, sugar fine 4-6 inches of sand 12 inches of rock work above that. then 6-8 inches to water surface. I have 2 overflows. I currently have 1 MP40 vortech on each side, and one on the back wall. My rock work is also right in the middle of the tank going length wise of the whole tank except 4-6 from each end. I did this so that I could have flow going in the front and the back of the rock work. I do have a lot of magnetic rocks attached to the back wall and the side wall.

I am currently thinking of taking the MP40 off of the back wall and putting it on the side, and adding one more to the other side, making it 2 MP40 on each side. Someone suggested adding a Gyre on the back wall to change up, and add to the circulation. I want to get as much movement but not so strong as to move the sugar fine sand bed. So maybe I should get a gyre with a long wand on each end, and turn it way down? I'm asking advice on this. hence the new thread. I have never used a gyre before. please give your thoughts, and which gyres are the best out there to get. as I said, it will be on the back wall so it doesn't need much push power wise or distance wise, but wide so as to get rid of any dead spots. I blow off my rock work and there is always stuff on it. I want to cut down the accumulation if I can.

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