BKChem Torches and HG plus GlitterBomb Mini Colony’s for sale only on R2R!

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Mar 19, 2018
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To Purchase: please send me a PM with the corals and numbers you are interested in!

DOA Policy: In the very unlikely event, I do a standard 2 hour DOA and will work with you to make sure you receive a healthy and beautiful order. (1)My policy is to replace a frag on your next order if possible or reship the order.(2) If a similar frag is not able to be cut then a higher end coral will be offered to pick or (3) refund or Credit will be given. As always Shipping is not refundable. I am known to always satisfy my customers. However I can not be accounted for shipping delays, lost packages and packages not able to be delivered on the first attempt as well improper water chemistry and conditions. I reserve all rights to determine a DOA as well as determine a safe ship out date. All sales are final after a frag has been cut.

All pictures are unedited and taken with my iPhone 14 pro with Orphek phone lens under kessil a160. Please take this into account when viewing frags I am by no means a professional photographer.

I take great pride in my highly successful shipping method and only use the best materials in the industry. Most orders I use Zen Reef cups as well as I do use Heat sealed bags 2x or 3x bagged and I use premium cold packs and premium insulated coolers.

I do Free shipping on all orders $400 or more. If below $400 I will quote you real shipping cost which using my shipper are generally very low rates.
I ship using UPS Overnight AM which I have found to be better then FedEx.

Pack Deals:
I am always willing to make a Frag pack deal that will make you satisfied! I can also do custom mystery frag packs for a set budget of a higher value and have had a great response on it! PM me if you would like to go this route!

I always include some free corals in all orders. The larger the order the nicer the freebies of my choosing!

Special inquiry/ requests:
See something you're looking for not seen down below? Due to the size of my collection I can never offer the true amount of gems I have available for sale. I am known for the most high end and rarest corals in the Hobby so if you have something in particular your searching for feel free to drop a post below or PM me as more then likely I have it.

Enjoy the Fire as always!

*Holy Grail Torches*
BKChem Jolly Rancher HG Single head with Lineage #1
$1000 shipped

BKchem Jolly Rancher HG single head with lineage #2
$1000 shipped

BKChem the Grinch with lineage single head HG #1
$800 shipped

Raging Reef OG HG single head #1
600 shipped

*GlitterBomb Goni*
These are very well encrusted on XL 1.5”plugs and have been cut for months with plenty of new heads. Far from the nubs you see for $250-$500+. These won’t last so don’t wait.
GlitterBomb XXL frag/Mini Colony #1
$475 shipped

GlitterBomb XXL frag/Mini Colony #2
$475 shipped

Pack deals available

Thanks for looking!

Camaro Show Corals

My tank was framed! Do you have a rimmed or rimless aquarium?

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  • My tank is rimless.

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