Blue Hippo Tang Bulge Eye and Signs of Scratching itself against Rocks


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Aug 11, 2013
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Thanks for your reply :). Now the next question do i need to pull all my fish? into a QT tank? or go the reverse way and put all my corals and inverts in a QT and dose copper to the DT? I have 6 fish and going fallow would be kind hard i guess. Keen to hear your thoughts.

I hardly have any corals. 3 Hammers, 3 Zoa frags, 3 Mushroom frags, 2 leather frags and 7 snails other than my fish, these would be easy to put into a small tank and let them be there while i treat the fish. Is that doable?

My fish list: 1 Mcosker Wrasse, 1 Bristletooth tang, 1 diamond watchman goby, 1 lawnmover blenny and a pair of clowns.
While its recommended,,,, see how the others both look and behave. Any slight changes or signs with them will warrant treatment . Ive seen more than once where mucus cones mixed with ich were confined to the infected fish