Changes in attitudes, latitudes, and Zoas....

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Aug 18, 2020
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Ocala, Florida
My current reefing experience extends back 8 months (I'm a past reefer, but recently returned). My tanks is pretty much all softies and I'm heavy in Zoas.

Until recently, I was fascinated by the Zoas that really pop under blue lights. Fluorescent colors under blue lights always caught my eye. Sadly, many of these can look bland under white light.

I'm about to start a second tank that will be in an office and only viewed under bright lighting. So it will be important to have corals that are vibrant under bright lighting. It's hard to shop for corals that look good under bright light due to most lfs use blue lighting to enhance coral appearance.

To illustrate my point, I have attached photos of my tank under both white and blue light. Very different looks. I'm interested to hear thoughts about zoas that have good color under white light.

IMG_20210413_210059006_HDR.jpg IMG_20210328_213037376.jpg


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Mar 20, 2017
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what kind of lighting do you use?
i only ask because what looked flat, dull and forgettable under t5 bulbs has jumped to life under XR30 Gen 5 Radions not to mention shimmer for days.
i used to love the fact i was away working for the peak photoperiod as i hated the daytime lighting. that is no longer how i feel with the new lighting.


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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
Its a good opportunity to do some blue zoas that otherwise have a tendency to get lost 'bluish' aquariums. A short list of ideas:

frozen and ice armageddons,
blue lagoons,
blues clues,
blue berry fields

Some non-blue zoas that'd still pop:

goblins on fire,
pink zippers,
hyper phoenix,
any variation of CARS

If you want to go higher end, speckled kraks hallucinations, flaming mohicans and illuminati all present well under daylights.

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