CincyReef Hobbyist Swap July 31st

Jordan T Shouse

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Jun 19, 2019
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Cincinnati, OH
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We are excited to announce Cincy reef is putting on another swap in 2021! But the focus of this will be for local and surrounding hobbyist only!

Now you might be wondering what the difference is. We are aiming to have this be just hobbyist. No vendors, no internet retailers, just a good old fashioned hobbyist to hobbyist swap. Now to the nitty gritty...

Tables would be 3' long(you would share a 6' with someone else. If you have 2 people that want to go in together on 1 table or you want a whole 6’ table, just let us know). The cost will be $25 per 3' section. You'll have electric access and the whole 9 yards as we do at the normal swaps. If you want to bring small frag tanks or just keep the coral in cups, totally up to you!
We need about 15-20 hobbyist to want a table in order for us to be able to put this together. If we have less, we will either have to postpone or bump the price of the tables which I don't really want to do.

If you have a business license or order wholesale, please do not ask. We want to have great home grown coral at great prices for fellow hobbyist!!!
Any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask or reach out to Andrew Myatt or one of the other board members.

For hobbyist not reserving a table entry will be $5.00 a person!

Here is the link to the Facebook Event!

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