1. S

    Texas Cheap Mushroom Pack

    All 3 frags for $40 Pick up in Houston area - zip 77459. Willing to ship USPS priority within Texas for extra $10 (alive arrival guaranteed - make contact within 3 hours of posted delivery time). 1 blue ricordea 1 green ricordea 2 polyps purple/orange mushroom
  2. S

    Texas Monti Caps

    Each cap is $15 and is about 2.5 inches across. The red is unmounted, and the purple is mounted to a small flat rock. Pick up in the Houston area - 77459. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  3. Scp

    Michigan Ohio Yellow tang live rock a d

    Located Waterford, Michigan Yellow tang $250 Live rock $2/lb shipping available Coral Frags see list below ..... have multiples of just about everything . Overnight shipping on Coral $40. message thru text 248-fivetwozero -849one
  4. attiland

    New frags losing tissue?

    Hi all, I had some new fags 2 weeks ago an I seems to have it loosing tissue on the edges. Not sure if this is just because of new environment/lighting or I am placing it to the wing place. The one on the pic I can’t see polyps eve at close to night time which is worrying me most. added a pic...
  5. D

    California WTB Want to buy waterbox frag series! or frag tank with similar dimensions

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a frag tank preferably a Waterbox 85.3 or bigger will look at any size! If you don't have a waterbox will also consider any frag tank with heights between 12 to 16 inches. I am located in Los Angeles but am willing to drive or meet up in So Cal or try to...
  6. DustinWRX526

    Post Your Torches!

  7. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Hammer and Frammers large colonies available.

    multiple heads available of purple tipped hammer and frammer corals. $20 per head Interested in other color variants of hammers,frammers,torches as well Located on cape cod Locale pick up only
  8. Scp

    Michigan Various corals for sale

    elow is the list of soMe others of what I have. 1) green Monti cap $10 2) orange Monti cap $10 3) large head Duncan $20 per head 4) gsp $5 5) teal hammer $25/HD Larger avail 6)green purple frogspawn $20/hd med size 7) pink purple frogspawn $45 head 8) krypto candy cane $10/HD 9) green...
  9. saltmine

    Unknown Guests on Zoa Frag

    What are the things all around the Zoa heads on this Frag? I dipped the coral but they opened right back up.
  10. duesmortem

    New Jersey AOI zoa frag for sale

    WYSIWYG 2 polyps $15 Will ship via FedEx Overnight. PM with zip code for shipping estimate.
  11. zatch

    Colorado Dirt Cheap Zoas and Hammer in Denver (Local Pickup Only)

    Need to clear some frags off my DT rack and need these gone - crazy cheap zoa/euphyllia packs! LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (DENVER CO) Lot of 15 Frags! 14 Zoas (assorted) and one head Neon Frogspawn. $100 Lot 7 Frags! 7 Zoas (most XLG size!) $50 Available for pickup in Downtown Denver (no shipping)...
  12. RedFishReef

    Crab broke up my Palythoa Frag can I save it?

    I bought my first 3 frags a week ago today. The one in the back was the Paly at it’s finest, at least in my tank. At the LFS it fell off the plug during bagging but i took it anyway. After a few days i loosely attached it to some dried epoxy with fishing line. My blue legged hermit crabs had...
  13. luemarie

    Unidentifiable blue ZOA

    No one has been able to tell me what this little guy is. mom feeling like it’s a blueberry pie zoa but no green lashes. And the coloring isn’t that of a blue rhino. help :(
  14. jackalexander

    Cutting back GSP and clove polyps

    I want to know what my best option here is. I have a nano and my GSP and clove polyps are starting to get slightly overgrown but I’ve never fragged before. The clove polyps at my LFS are usually $10 per polyp so I would love to frag up that colony and start making some money back. Also, I’m only...
  15. F

    2021 New England Frag Farmer's Market Official "Plan"

    I apologize to the R2R group for not posting this info here as things come together. I have been dropping info on the FFM Facebook page the past few months and neglected to post the info here (don't worry it was all the forums I forgot, not just you guys)- SORRY! Anyway, here is the Official...
  16. F

    2021 New England Frag Farmer's Market Official "Plan"

    I apologize to the R2R group for not posting this info here as things come together. I have been dropping info on the FFM Facebook page the past few months and neglected to post the info here (don't worry it was all the forums I forgot, not just you guys)- SORRY! Anyway, here is the Official...
  17. frankiereef

    Maryland Washington, D.C. 220 Gallons Tank

    I don’t have time to maintain it. I’m going to sacrifice my hobby for much less than invented.I have over than $5,000 worth on equipments and marine life in this tank. I give it to anyone interested for $3,000. No part will be sold separately. Someone interested, I can provide a full list of...
  18. Sleeping Giant

    Big toadstool fragging

    I'm contemplating fragging my toadstool, it's 18" across and has been trying to self frag for months, but has not been successful. All it has done is make holes in itself. I would like to know what and how to do it? I've watched the video from @Tidal Gardens and others on YouTube. I would like...
  19. PeakeAquaculture

    Maryland Selling all my frags.

    I'm trying to sell off everything if not most of my frags so I can upgrade my system. I'm willing to sell local or ship. Possibly trade if local. I will be getting some better pictures and pricing up as it's hard to photograph 130+ frags all at once. Fell free to pm if interested in a specific...
  20. Unnatural

    Nano Build First Tank: Fluval Evo 13.5

    I live in an apartment in a city and manager lady told me I could only have a small fish tank... I think she meant something more like a 2 gal betta tank... *awkward laugh* Anyways, after a lot of research online I decided to go with a Fluval Evo 13.5 tank. There was a lot of debate in my head...
  21. Joe Knows Reefs

    New WYSIWYG for the New YEAR! at

    Happy New Year to all of our family and friends out there! While 2020 certainly came with some challenges, it also came with some blessings. Try not to focus on the negative, more so on the how positively beautiful this hobby is! We are looking forward to getting back on the...
  22. CoralStop

    Illinois WTB WTB DELIRIUM Zoa?

    Looking for a frag, the bigger the better!
  23. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee SOLD

    SOLD. Admin please delete.
  24. Drew P. Wiener

    New Duncan Head?

    Newbie here. I purchased my Duncan coral a little over a month ago and I’ve been in love with it. The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that it’ll bulge on the skeleton just underneath the head. I’m wondering if this looks like growth to anybody who’s had experience with them. One time it...
  25. CommanderInReef

    New Dunkin Head Facing Away from Light

    I bought this dunking frag recently but about 4 days after buying it i noticed there was a new head growing from it. I didn't see it when dipping or placing but maybe it sprouted before i put it in or it just did within the couple days. The problem is, the head is facing directly toward the...