1. CH3RRY

    Missouri Live Goods Cherry's Reef Memorial Day SALE!

    24K Gold Indo Torch Frag- $169.99 Indo Ultra Green Torch Colony 4/5 heads- $299.99 or $76.99 per frag Hulk Lepto Frag $15.99 GSP Frag- $10.99 Flate Rate $35 for shipping to continental U.S Free Shipping on orders $225+
  2. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Oregon Tort Acro

    Oregon Tort starting at $40. Nice chunks available. Jupiter Florida pickup
  3. P

    Potential problems with Toadstool frag?

    I've noticed my toadstool frag has been bending to the right pretty substantially these past 2 weeks or so, not sure if its just doing its thing or I'm doing something wrong. The stalk looks a little iffy on the bottom half, so might be dying? Its in about the middle of the tank, pretty decent...
  4. plc001

    Florida Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD Tank Breakdown Sale

    Tank Breakdown Sale Prices plus actual shipping cost from 33777. $50.00 2 100W Titanium Heater Element $100.00 5 Stage Premium Plus 75 GPD RO/DI System $340.00 3 AI Prime 16 HD Reef LED Lights $80.00 HOB Overflow – Eshopps PF-800 $30.00 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Single with...
  5. B

    New to the industry

    Good afternoon, I was hoping some of y’all that have been in the industry for some time could help give us some feedback on our new frag racks and other products on our website. We have posted in some Facebook groups and good some feedback and looking to get more to help shape our products...
  6. B

    Miscellaneous Drygoods SOLD 30-Hole Frag Rack 40 SHIPPED

    Asking $40 shipped
  7. B

    California Live Goods Large Show Piece Space Invader Pectinia

    Asking 300 OBO. Piece is about 5” tall x 3.5” wide. Shipping at buyers expense and risk Happy to provide additional pics/vids. Have prior reviews from folks that bought from me. coral available, pm for details
  8. Afkomjorgen

    Hammer bud, frag opportunity?

    Hello! Hammer has been making buds off the base for a bit and one is quite large now. Leave it or is this a good first time frag opportunity? any how to tips appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Tom nhia

    California Live Goods WYSWYG Assorted Corals (softies and sps)

    Hi I have some frags for sale. Everything taken using flipper orange and yellow filter. 1 - 5 + 2 babies Orange Oxide and 2 + 2 babies Mystique Zoa Combo - $30 $20 2 - 7 + 3 babies Mystique Zoa - $30 $20 3 - 3 Mystique Zoa - $15 $10 4 - Single 1/2" Orange Rim Green Center Florida Ricordea - $15...
  10. JTP424

    Illinois Live Goods Variety of Corals, Leathers, Pavonas, Hammers, Digi, Favias, Chalices Etc. NO SHIPPING

    Frag tank is getting full.... In the far west Chicago Suburbs, pickup only! Send me a message or ask for better photos of specific corals. $5 each frag : Green Center Brown Button Polyp, "War Coral" $10 Cactus Pavona, Bright Green Pavona, Purple Gorgonian, Mohawk Zoas $15 each or 2 for $25...
  11. Scaggs1117

    Birdsnest not opening up all the way!

    So I have a birds nest coral I believe a neon green. I attached a video of its positioning. That powerhead is a hygger mini wave maker at 60% which is 960gph. The polyps aren’t fully opening anymore when they were before I moved it a couple of days ago. I had to move it to adjust flow/lighting...
  12. k2-

    To Frag or not to ?

    Hey Guys, Need opinion from folks I have large colonies of few acros, I have been hearing folks and according to them fragging is important part of keeping corals healthy. wanted to get the opinion from the experts here. Few large colonies i have are ARC fireworks RRC pink cadillac and...
  13. J

    United Kingdom Live Goods Bubblegum Montipora (Digitata) Collection from Stourbridge (DY8}

    Bubblegum Montipora Frag made by hermits getting stuck in the small colony. Frag: Colony: Full tank shot: Collection from DY8 only.
  14. W

    Florida Live Goods Warpaint/rainbow Bowerbanki's- Aquacultured

    All bowerbanki's are aquaculture and have been in my system for years. Warpaint: A) $250 B) $450 Rainbow: Mother colony NFS C) SOLD D) $400 I ship via UPS Overnight. Shipping is $50 and free at $500. Free pickup in Tampa, FL. My DOA policy is replacement if the same coral is...
  15. ReefStable

    Milka Stylo

    Looking for an EASY SPS Coral? Check out the Milka Stylo! A fast-growing SPS coral that is great for beginners! This stylophora has fluffy polyps that flow with the water. Use Promo Code REEF2REEF for 10% OFF! NOW ON SALE FOR $14.99!
  16. B

    California Live Goods Bright Zoa Colonies WYSIWYG

    These are not your typical 1-3 polyps frags. Pics are current as of yesterday. WYSIWYG. Prices are negotiable, especially if you’re taking multiple pieces. Happy to work out a pack for all 6 and Will throw in a freebie of my choice if so as well as Free Shipping. Lets make a deal. Generally...
  17. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Live Goods Euphyllia / LPS Coral no

    Have some Euphyllia / LPS for sale. Gold and Peach Hammers 1 Head/40$ 2 head/60$ 3 head/80$ Peach Octospawn, only have 2 head frags 40$ Green Hammers 20$/head 35$/2 Head Splatter Hammers 45$/head Duncan’s are 20$/frag most frags are 3+ heads Discounts for multiple frags Shipping is...
  18. Blinkdo

    Live Goods SOLD Acro SPS 6 Pack - Reef Raft, RMF, Cornbred, and more..

    Hey reefers, have another acro 6 pack up for grabs all with unique pieces in each (WYSIWYG). $350 shipped RMF Red Halo RR Pink Floyd RMF Phoenix GB Rainbow Stag CB OMG AA Chameleon DOA Policy: Items must be reported with a clear digital photo within 2 hours of first delivery attempt Once...

    2nd Annual Dakota Frag Swap

    The 2023 Dakota Frag Swap date and venue are set! The date has been changed to May 7th 2023. Some details have also changed. If you are interested in setting up a table, please let me know!‼️PLEASE SHARE! If you have people you would like to see there, please let them know! Businesses and...
  20. R

    Georgia Live Goods Holy Grail Micros / Gonis / CCA Crayola Meltdown / Rainbow Hammers and others

    Standard R2R Shipping rules applied. Free shipping at $600. Shipping will be when the weather is great on my end and your end! You guys wiped me out of my amazeballs goni frags on my last post. I may have a big piece available but it will be pricy. Restocking from my colony for another...
  21. A

    USA Frag transport system and frag racks

    4.3L Frag transport system Clear container with handle for ease of carrying and it's air tight so water wont leak everywhere during transporting. This system can hole up to 70 frags with 2 tier frag racks holding 35 each shelf. Container is BPA free and food grade plastic, also stack-able...
  22. B

    Live Goods SOLD Small Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones

  23. R

    Six line wrasse? OR, some type of dottyback?

    Hey guys and gals, I’m looking at setting up a 10g frag tank and am considering one fish along with some snails for algae. The fish for pests. I’m leaning towards a sixline turbos and hermits, but, I also like dotty backs specifically the Arabian and orchids. The main “pest” I have is bristle...
  24. B

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa Colonies

    WYSIWYG. Pictures have not been doctored and don’t do justice to the color of these zoas. Some very nice zoa colonies here. Intended for someone who wants to appreciate more than the typical one or two polyp frags. Have had these for over a year and a half and have produced generous frags...
  25. uniquecorals

    Valentine's Day Mon Feb 13th Flashsale on Reef2Reef 10am - 6pm pst

    It's time for looooove. The love of humans, and also love of animals, and aquatic animals. What better way to feel the love than to get great deals?! We have over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off lined up for you all! Join us Monday, 2/13/23, from 10am-6pm PST on none other than REEF2REEF...
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