1. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Aquacultured Acro Packs + CRT Concoction!

    Hey Everyone! It's time to make some frag packs! I also have jars of my CRT Concoction available! I have 2 sizes of the concoction available: 40 gram jars for $45 shipped via USPS Priority Mail 100 gram jars for $80 shipped via USPS Priority Mail Overnight shipping via UPS Next Day Air is...
  2. J

    How long until you can expect tentacles?

    Just received this GSP from a family friend. I can see up very close some of the neon green on the piece. How long would you expect until this grows out tentacles?
  3. Mschmidt

    USA Washington, D.C. Suction cup coral mount

    I have a number of suction cup mounted coral holders. $6 per plus shipping which is usually around $6. I have a bunch and can always make more. Sorry about my photography skills. It's late...
  4. plippert21

    Texas Live Goods Fast Growing SPS 8 Pack

    Offering a SPS pack of XL frags of fast growing Acros, monti and chalice. - Will ship across the Lower 48 and is $50 not included in the price - Standard DOA applies (Picture in the bag within 2 hr. of getting the coral first attending the carrier) - I am not responsible for shipping delay and...
  5. MariahP

    Frag leather in Biocube?

    Hi team! I have a 32 gallon Biocube and a leather coral that’s grown…very large. I’m wondering if I can frag it in the tank? I know it’s best to take it out, but I don’t have a good way to go about that with where it’s placed in my rockscape.
  6. legacy2mj

    Frag flat help

    I have a 7 year old display. SPS dominant and have recently put together a small frag tank next to it. It’s a shallow flat (2’ x 2’ x 12”) The tank has its own return pump in the main displays sump. This goes to a UV, the. Splits out of the UV, half to the frag flat and half to the main display...
  7. Blinkdo

    Florida Drygoods Zen Reef 48 / 60 Hole Magnetic Frag Racks and Shroom Box *PRICE DROP*

    I have a few Zen Reef frag racks available for sale. They are in good condition and best racks on the market. Price includes shipping. 1x 45 Hole Magnetic Frag Rack ZR45 (standard magnet set) SOLD 2x 60 Hole Magnetic Frag Rack ZR60 (standard magnet set) SOLD 1x 60 Hole Magnetic Frag Rack ZR60...
  8. LiveAquaria

    Earth Day Week

    Earth Day Week Celebrate Earth Day with Certified Captive Grown Corals from LiveAquaria® Propagated and raised in our Wisconsin facility, these frags are colorful, and bring motion and intrigue to your reef aquarium. See which species are on sale.
  9. DatReefGuy

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island WTB WTB Frag Tank

    Hi all. Looking to buy a frag tank. A lot of corals in my tank are starting to get big and need to frag them soon. Hoping to not break the bank with this. Located in northern, central mass and willing to travel within reason. Let me know. Thank you. Dan
  10. G

    Hulk Acro frag Issue

    Good afternoon everybody. Back with another problem . Paramiters stable 1.026 9.0 dkh 18 nitrates 0.10 phos calc 420 mag 1440 temp 26.2 par around 250 ish using AI prime 16hd all blues and violets at 45% on a fluval evo 6 months old. Using a nero 3 and turning the tank over in total about 80...
  11. legacy2mj

    Plumbing question

    Setting up a small flat next to my display to house my frags. The tank has an overflow. Is it necessary to include a durso style overflow drain? Or since there is no risk of the tank draining to the bulkhead level is anything needed at the bulkhead? Pictures included.
  12. SaltyGroves

    Fragging Zoas in Tank

    I have some Blood Sucker Zoas that are growing over others. Can I cut these at the base right in the tank? I’m worried the toxins will enter the water and harm the other life in the tank. Is this fear well founded?
  13. J

    Too much coral gum?

    I got a little carried away with my coral gum on this torch frag (it's 30in down and hard to reach and see at the same time). It seems fine and extends well every day, but will this stunt future growth?
  14. Amybolton2

    Frag tank.. when to move corals over.

    First time setting up a dedicated frag tank, No sand, maybe a small fish, just frag racks in there, bio media My question is at what point is the tank safe to add corals? With not adding sand and rocks or a bunch of fish it wouldn’t really go through a cycle right?
  15. J

    Red Sea s850 / s1000 Frag sump.

    I wanna rebuild my sump. The extra sump I’m using now for my ato but I wanna build a fragstation in that extra sump. Is there some here that build that kind of setup ? How about the circulation and flow in that area ?
  16. Scaggs1117

    Torch not opening up fully

    Hey guys, so I’ve had a torch for a few weeks, it has opened up way bigger than it is now but for some reason it stays retracted. My Acans seem to be fine. I also have a GSP that isn’t opening up any more either and it used to look like a nice patch of grass blowing in the wind. I believe my...
  17. A

    Looking for RRC LV

    Hi, looking for an RRC LV Tenius coral if anyone is selling. Thanks!
  18. Ollie67

    Xenia Coral Closing Up

    Hello all. Since last night, my Xenia frag has not opened back up for some reason. I am trying to figure out what could be the reason. The day before, I adjusted my powerhead and pointed it towards the back glass instead of straight. I did this in order to improve circulation in the tank but...
  19. dylandionysius

    Scolymia Propagation Experiment

    Synopsys I've been waiting for a while to post this thread, pending the results of my experiment. But I wanted to at least start it so I could share my progress with propagating Scolymia. I first learned about this technique when I read this article on reef builders...
  20. Ollie67

    Can I remove Xenia from my frag?

    Hello all, Today I picked up a smaller Xenia frag on my way home. I got the coral acclimated by floating the bag for 30 minutes and placed the piece inside. Currently, it hasn't opened back up yet fully, but I shouldn't expect it to the first day right? My current dilemma is that the Xenia is...
  21. R

    Coral Pack, SPS, Zoas

    SPS Pack , $185 165 Shipped The vihn, PC rainbow, Bill Murray Dingdang milli, Frog skin, Blue voodoo, Red planet, Strawberry field Zoas Pack, $ 100 Shipped. Utter Chaos with Rainbow Infusion WWC Blood Sucker Rasta WWC Red People Eater with Rainbow Infusion. Combined 2 packs , $260 Shipped.
  22. Sherwood

    WTB 150W Metal Halide Pendant

    WTB metal halide pendant. My AquaMedic pendant just died and I'm looking to replace it. Will consider ANY metal halide pendant or fixture, with or without ballast. Would love to find another AquaMedic pendant or other small, double ended, metal halide pendant--but will consider any metal...

    Top Down Coral Viewer- Will Ship- $25

    I would like to share these floating coral viewers. They are great for getting a cool look from the top down on your reef. They are available in 2 sizes. 4” and 6”. 4” is perfect for a nano and 6” is a great size for anything larger. I can make them in any color combo and am willing to ship.
  24. nycfreshreef

    Two Mushrooms walked into a bar ( jawbreaker and eclectus discosoma walked onto same plug)

    Over the course of the pas 2 weeks these two mushrooms walked onto the same exact plug ….. jawbreaker is a mother & about 3 inches across fully open , eclectus is about 1 inch fully open and hasn’t grown in over a year ….. who do you think will win ???? Moved them off the rocks and put on the...
  25. J

    Brittle under frag

    Have been eyeing this mushroom, only because of the tag along brittle that has been under it in the LFS for a few weeks. Can't seem to convince it to come out. Could it be stuck? Is it ok?