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  1. Sick_man

    Should I get rid of my goniopora?

    So I've had this goniopora for a little over 3 weeks and it has not fully opened. (about 1.5 inch most) and anytime i drop something onto the floor or walk a bit to hard, it closes up for a couple days. Same thing if a hermit crab gets too close. Even if my hand is in the tank too. All the other...
  2. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  3. trembsreef

    Zoa/Paly ID?

    Hey Reefers! I was sold this as an Armageddon Zoa colony. After it being acclimated to my tank it looks as though it’s actually a Paly. Any idea on what this is?
  4. B

    Frag Build Lowboy frag tank/"Lagoonish" build thread

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I wanted to show everyone where I am currently in my build and allow you to follow along as I finish it out. I hope to get a lot of great advice from you all! My son (10) has really gotten into this hobby and has started his own tank that he is running...
  5. Scp

    Michigan Teal green hammer

    Have several available ....single double and triple heads Single $25 Double $45 Triple $60 ship to lower 48 minus California. 2 day and overnight shipping options available. Local pickup in Waterford,Mi
  6. J

    Wall hammer frag. Need some tips

    I went to a not so local lfs today, saw some really bright green almost golden hammer in a frag tank. I only had 5 mins to spend in the shop as i had to go somewhere. So i kinda impulse bought the hammer frag. The price list stated ‘per head’ so it sounds like a branching hammer coral to me. So...
  7. Art Calde

    Florida Oregon Tort Acro

    Selling Oregon Tort Acro starting at $40. Plenty of frags. Pm me w interest. Thx Jupiter Florida pickup only.
  8. Aquarocks

    Dry Goods Aquarocks magnetic montipora frag rock display !!!!!

    Compact lightweight and realistic looking, this magnetric frag rock uses sealed neodymium magnets rated to hold strong to half inch glass!! Aquarocksdesigns.com
  9. bigjgmac

    Build Thread Waterbox FRAF 104.5

    OK, here we go. Hoping I'm doing the Build Thread correctly. A Bit of History First I'll keep it brief. I had a fish-only tank back in the mid nineties and man, have things changed. That tank lasted until the late nineties until a move from Virginia to New Jersey killed off the whole thing...
  10. killergoby

    Turbinaria heronensis/reniformis ID

    I received this frag from WWC labeled as a Blue Heron Turbinaria. In person it looks dark blue to violet, and the polyps are bright green. I think this is a Turbinaria reniformis (probably the WWC purple scroll turbinaria) but I haven't had a blue heron turbinaria before and the growth pattern...
  11. L

    Acro identification

    I bought this mini acro frag because the blue color is really intense but i would like know if someone know if it have name
  12. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut WTB Sps sticks, acros east coast

    I’m looking to get some filler pieces on my current build. Nothing fancy, just trying to fill some blank spots. Anyone on the east coast New York / Connecticut area with some colonies or larger frags?
  13. TopShelfAquatics

    TSA Rosé; Another exclusive gem from the TSA vault!

    For those of you asking, we finalllyyyy have a frag available of this stunner! Unlike most rainbow tenuis, this one isn't a classic combination of red and blue but instead stunning pinks and purples! We've only released two other frags this year so do not miss out! Click HERE to view
  14. spacesamurai

    Help with Identifying SPS frags

    Hi Guys, I have two frags which I need to identify as I would like to know more about them. The pink one has small white polyps that are not out in this picture. The neon green one I have had for almost 4 years and it has hardly grown at all, this picture does not show the polyps but they are...
  15. B

    Colorado CB Bloodshot and JF Buttkissers

    Have a few frags of bloodshot kraks and buttkissers for local Colorado pickup Bloodshot kraks- 6+ polyp $300 2 polyp $150 Buttkissers 20+ polyp colony $300 10+polyp $175 5+ polyp $125
  16. S

    Reef safe magnet

    I know there are some threads about this, ppl mentioned using epoxy, can we use any epoxy? (I've never used it before) I currently have these magnets and this epoxy, would both of these be safe to use? Do I use use the epoxy onto the magnets and then glue it onto the rocks/frags I want to use...
  17. Art Calde

    Florida Zoas for sale

    I have the following zoas for sale (in order of pictures): Eagle eye w a punk rocker $20 Bam Bam colony $60 Punk Rocker colony $80 Nuclear Green colony $60 or $20 for two polyp frag Gobstoppers 6 polyps in front $40 Punk Rockers in back $60 for the colony Rainbow infusion. $20 for 2 polyps...
  18. T

    Looking for tank to copy

    Hello All! I am looking to get back into the hobby after about 8 years. I know all the co$tly perils of trial and error, so I am looking for a member who has a successful tank, similar to the one I want. I know I want the following: -Frag Tank (Independent) -Some Fish (not picky. just for my...
  19. Himmat

    Best aio nano frag tak?

    Hello Everyone! I am looking for an aio frag tank. Nothing to big. More than 20 gallons but less than 40 gallons. Any suggestions? Any for sale? Please let me know!
  20. Michael@CoralVue

    IceCap Coral Frag Transporter & Magnet Mount Accessory -NOW AVAILABLE!

    Make moving Your Corals safe and Secure! The Transporter That Does Double Duty! So What makes this Coral Transporter special you might ask, well let me tell you the reasons why. First of all this coral Transporter has room for 8 coral frag plugs, inside each cutout there is a special...
  21. C

    Coral Issue need Advice quickly (Quarantine)

    Hello Reefers, I had a quick question regarding putting my new Monti ( beach bum) in the display tank . I recently started my quarantine tank up again and one of my corals is not doing so hot. I have had it in quarantine for over 2 weeks and its starting to lose color fast. I have 12 other...
  22. A

    Colorado Fragging lots of requirement for sale

    Tanks are still up and running but its just water and algae. id take 20k for everything if anyone is interested. This has gotta be the funniest and hardiest thing I have done.If I could help anyone learn from my mistakes, when your fellow reefers say quarantine everything your hands your kids...
  23. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  24. ecexotics

    finally got my berghia nudibranch breeding !

    been trying to breed these little buggers for months , they finally took off. started of with 5 just collected 95 last night. the level of joy collecting them was like nothing i've expiercened before. even more excited to see TONS of egg sacks. will absolutely be posting in the market place in...
  25. ecexotics

    successfully bred dalmatian mollies in my frag tank

    i've had 3 dalmatian mollies for algae control in my frag tank for a while. always fat and happy on lrs reef frenzy lol. i always run the moon cycles on my radions so they are changing moon cycles every night so i attest that to my success with the breeding. can't wait to have mollies to share !
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