1. C

    Coral Issue need Advice quickly (Quarantine)

    Hello Reefers, I had a quick question regarding putting my new Monti ( beach bum) in the display tank . I recently started my quarantine tank up again and one of my corals is not doing so hot. I have had it in quarantine for over 2 weeks and its starting to lose color fast. I have 12 other...
  2. A

    Colorado Fragging lots of requirement for sale

    Tanks are still up and running but its just water and algae. id take 20k for everything if anyone is interested. This has gotta be the funniest and hardiest thing I have done.If I could help anyone learn from my mistakes, when your fellow reefers say quarantine everything your hands your kids...
  3. J

    I need help identifying these Zoas I bought as a bundle

    I purchased a pack of four different zoanthids at one of my lfs and I’m not sure what specific types they are. Any information would be highly appreciated.
  4. ecexotics

    finally got my berghia nudibranch breeding !

    been trying to breed these little buggers for months , they finally took off. started of with 5 just collected 95 last night. the level of joy collecting them was like nothing i've expiercened before. even more excited to see TONS of egg sacks. will absolutely be posting in the market place in...
  5. ecexotics

    successfully bred dalmatian mollies in my frag tank

    i've had 3 dalmatian mollies for algae control in my frag tank for a while. always fat and happy on lrs reef frenzy lol. i always run the moon cycles on my radions so they are changing moon cycles every night so i attest that to my success with the breeding. can't wait to have mollies to share !
  6. C

    Package Deal "Pro' fragging and pest removal kit. LPS, SPS, and softies.

    I'm broke, not getting any hours at work (as an ER nurse... Go figure) and have run out stuff to frag. Most of these are new unused or used once or twice. Stainless steel "Pro grade" fragging and pest removal kit: -3 sizes of scapels with safety covers for each -10 individual wrapped surgical...
  7. R

    Hello Excited to come back to groove after a couple year break

    Hello R2R community. I've been reefing since 2012 and took a break for a gap of about 2 years due to living situations. Finally got set up again and decided to set up for propagation this go around as that what was I always enjoyed, fragging and watching corals grow. My current setup is a 75 gal...
  8. Homebrewer

    Should I correct this chalice placement?

    Hey all, I would appreciate some advice/thoughts on this one. I bought a tiny frag of Miami Hurricane a few months ago. It had only two eyes and it was (is) mounted to a “T” style frag plug. I’m an experienced (14-year) reefer and have a few chalices already. My typical way of mounting is to...
  9. Garcia2460

    Coral stopped opening up.

    Hey everyone, just recently purchased a Coral pack from WWC. I have three thathad no issues acclimating and opening up as soon as a I put them in the tank. Another which is a zoa arrived looking a little weird and has only changed slightly.. (I think). The last coral I have an issue with is a...
  10. N

    Big shout out to Unique Coral!!!

    Woke up this morning super excited to get my coral from @joefishUC from the r2r sale this past weekend. Day started with a text from UPS saying that the package was going to be delayed, oh shoot here we go. The coral ended up coming at 10:30am on the dot and the packing was stellar. They really...
  11. Peter K

    Battlecorals first purchase. Shouldn't have expected anything but perfection.

    I am typically not one to leave reviews unless I feel very passionate one way or another, but I had to leave one for Adam with @Battlecorals after having one of the most pleasant, stress-free, and downright perfect coral purchases I have ever made. The frags were extremely chunky bordering on...
  12. Scip150

    New York 25 Polyp Utter Choas - Syracuse NY

    25 Polyp Utter Choas colony available in Syracuse NY, 13206 zip code. Pick up only. Super bright orange with blue and white centers. $100
  13. L

    Frogspawn polyp migration?

    I did some tank maintenance yesterday and temporarily got rid of my frag rack, moving my coral frags on to the rocks in the mean time. This morning I woke up and noticed the frogspawn had not opened (not surprised or worried, it probably doesn't like its new spot), however I did notice what...
  14. frankiereef

    Maryland IceCap Salinity Temperature Digital Tester

    Salinity Temperature Digital tester for saltwater aquarium. Keep your coral frag safe and accurate. Can trade for fishes. Asking $50 + priority mail flat rate cost.
  15. frankiereef

    Maryland Green Trumpet aka "Kryptonite Candy Cane"

    This coral have more than 20 heads. Asking $70
  16. S

    Build Thread Build thread #2: Frag/Grow out system

    Hey guys, here is my second build thread in less than a year o_O, lately have been coming across some cool coral within my community and have ran into the problem of not having enough real estate in my first nano build. So in order to get a fix for my coral addiction, and with some time at home...
  17. R

    California PC Rainbow Acropora Colony

    PC Rainbow Acropora (local pick up only) 3 colonies available Location Rancho Santa Margarita Asking $300 per colony
  18. oceans garden aquaculture


  19. blazedmasta

    Florida TGC Grave Digger Acro

    I have one more frag left of this mush have acro. Collector or not this high end piece is a great center piece for any tank, get your today while suppiles last. o_O :) I have much more that needs posted. PM for a full list. *Standard 2 hours DOA (Dead on Arrival) applies. I will need to be...
  20. ReeferWarrant

    Fragging Palys and Mushrooms

    I have a frag I bought from a local reefer with Paly's (furthest to the left in photo) on them but he gave me a concrete frag plug... Almost hate it as much as the plastic one I got recently with my candy cane coral... What would be the best way to remove the Paly's from the frag? He had them...
  21. NewYorkReefer1988

    Frags for sale or trade

    I live in the Albany area and want to start getting acquainted with reefers in the area to trade and sell Corals, fish, equipment, whatever with. I currently have: - 7 red monti cap frags - $10 each - 2 pc rainbow Acro frags - $25 each - 1 blueberry fields Acro frag $25 - 2 forest fire...
  22. JRamey24

    Michigan WTB/Trade for zoas

    I have a few frags I want to trade for some zoas. No preference on what they are. I have a birdsnest frag, Jedi mind trick monti, small purple green hammer (1 head) located in west Michigan
  23. Spark326

    Identify this frag

    Can someone please identify what the name of this zoanthid frag is?
  24. T

    How would you remove a coral from the rocky that’s in a colony?

    Is thinking about trimming my sunny delight zoanthids. I know how to frag zoas but not how to remove them from the rock. Thank You
  25. Megan Smith

    USA Ultraviolet Tongs & Tweezers Stainless Steel Polished

    Several Ultraviolet Coral Reef Tongs Non-toxic For Sale Hand Painted Coats Cured and Sealed Private Message for custom orders/sizes/details/payment Ombre Rainbow Tongs Fire & Ice Tongs Rainbow Splatter Tongs Rainbow Splatter Tweezers (3 sets left)