1. Drewerd7

    Propagating Orange Tree Sponge: can I simply cut and glue?!

    My orange tree sponge looks healthy: great color, upright, strong, healthy tissue. I do not like looking at the plug it came in on. The sponge would be more attractive encrusted to live rock. So, can I cut it and gel superglue it to an indent in the live rock? Also, if i leave an inch of the...
  2. B

    California Live Goods Zoas, Acans, Bounce, Hammers and other Corals

    A few corals for sale. Pm for details. WILL TRADE FOR LIGHTS NEW OR LIGHTLY USED! All happy in my tank and have been with me for several months. Pictures are unaltered of the actual pieces for sale. You’ll get what you see. More pictures available upon request. Lots of zoas, mushrooms...
  3. ProvidenceTidalReef

    Lighting LED Drygoods Radion xr30 gen 3 with Diffuser & reef link

    Xr30 gen 3 with diffuser and reef link Asking 220 shipped. USA only This light has been run on 10% max. For about 6 months Light is too powerfull even at 8 inches off water and at 10% then 5% still too powerful and makes my par 240 at sand and 400 in middle. Looking to downgrade to an AI...
  4. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG - Torches , Acro frags, Wall Hammer, Blasto, Mushroom & more

    I can ship nationwide ✈️ at affordable rates. Please DM me your zip code for a quick shipping quote Toadstool Frags - Large - $10 Gold Rim Clove Polyps - $20 Neon Green Clover Polyps - Limited... only have 3 frags left - $20 Neon Green tipped Torches (purple stem) 2 Mouths -- $60 each...
  5. N

    Minnesota Live Goods Ultra Neon Green Pinstripe Trachy - Shipping Available

    Ultra Trachy with some very detailed neon green pin stripe markings and bright coloration - $115 4 inch across I can ship nationwide ✈️ at afforable rates. Please DM me your zip code for a quick shipping quote
  6. M

    New York Live Goods Bali Slimer / Blue Green Table frags

    Last 2 frags Bali Slimer $30 Blue Green Table $25 pick up in 10983
  7. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Various coral for sale

    Clearing the racks. Here’s what I have available: Jupiter Florida Pic 1 WWC Cherry Blossom $80 WWC Cherry Blossom $70 WWC Cherry Blossom $60 WWC Cherry Blossom $60 WWC Cherry Blossom $70 SOLD WWC Allstar $275 WWC Allstar $200 SOLD WWC Allstar $250 WWC Allstar $200 WWC Allstar $200 TSA Rainbow...
  8. B

    California Live Goods Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone Covered Rock

    Soft ball size rock covered with 4 stunning rainbow bubble tip anemones and a multi layered red monti 350
  9. Mykawl

    Georgia Live Goods Frags Midway, Ga

    I have frags for $15 ea. green star polyps, Frogspawn, and cyphastrea. my email is [email protected]
  10. B

    California Live Goods Quality zoa colonies. Skip the dinky frags

    Listed prices are the highest you’ll pay, will take offers. Let’s make a deal. Can ship. 1. WWC Bob Marley ~13 polyps $10/pp 2. WWC Bob Marley ~17 polyps + rainbow Yuma SOLD 3. Blondies ~9 polyps $10/pp 4. Blondies ~13 polyps SOLD 5. Utter Chaos ~25 polyps $20/pp 6. WWC Bob Marley ~30...
  11. fasterznu

    North Carolina Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Brand New Custom AIO Acrylic Frag Tank FS PRICE DROP $500 Shipped

    Custom AIO acrylic frag tank with euro brace for sale, 30"x20"x12". Tank holds 30 gallons, comes with plumbing parts, eheim pump, two frag racks (160 frags). Tank is brand new, never been wet. There is a small blemish on the back right corner, purely cosmetic but barely noticeable. Can ship or...
  12. G

    Florida WTB WTB 3 Xenia of GSP frags

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy 3 frags of xenia or gsp that are roughly the same size. My sister is doing an experiment on salinity change and how it affects growth, so I'm trying to find some reasonably priced frags. I'm located in Oviedo FL but can drive to pick up.
  13. B

    California Live Goods WWC Bob Marley Zoa Colony (~100 polyps)

    WWC Bob Marley Zoa colony. About 100 polyps. About 2.5”x2.5”. 300 + shipping for the whole colony. Find a better retail price online and I’ll beat it…
  14. uniquecorals

    UC Monday Labor Day FlashSale Sept 5th 9am - 6pm pst

    Our best Monday FalshSale event yet! This Labor Day, get your long weekend fun on with some great coral deals! Over 1200+ corals available at up to 75% off, WYSIWYG hand picked livestock, pest free Aquacultured coral all backed by our 7 day Guarentee. $5 frags, $10 frags and other amazing...
  15. A

    Algae on goni frag

    I'm wondering of anyone has any tips on removing hair algae from a goni frag. The algae is growing in between some polyps not on the plug. It's an amazeballs goni so I really want to clear this up without risking the coral. Thanks
  16. tuggerlake26

    Bubble Algae

    I noticed two of the frags I added to my tank about a month ago are growing bubble algae. What's the best solution here? Should I take the frags out, remove all algae, and rinse off with tank water? Does that risk spores? Or could I cover it with some super glue and hope that stops things? Or...
  17. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Several sps, zoas, etc for sale Jupiter Florida

    OG Oregon tort large $120, WWC Allstar $200 frag (colony shown), Bill Murray large $80, WWC Cherry Blossom $60, TSA Rainbow Sherbet $80, Green Goblin large $30, TGC Cherry Bomb $80, WWC Highlighter $40, Gold Chalice $40, JF Grafted Sun Monti $40 inch piece, WWC Sunfire Monti $40 inch piece...
  18. J

    Pittsburgh Frags

    looking for some local people to Pittsburgh to buy frags off of. If you could drop a comment we can get in touch. Not looking for anything in particular.
  19. D

    Fragging Devil Hand Leather

    Hi, I’ve been wondering if I try to frag my first Coral and not sure how to. I have a devil hand leather which I hear is supposed to be very easy to frag but I’m not sure how to frag I’ve been trying to find videos but can’t. I also want to frag zoanthids but my zoanthids I’ve had for the...
  20. ReeferMadness80G

    Florida Live Goods Large Frospawn and Aussie Duncan Colonies(Local Pickup)

    I have two colonies, purple and green frogspawn with 20+ heads and branching Aussie Duncan’s with 30+ heads. I need to sell these as they are getting too big for my tank. 500 for the Frog and 300 for the Duncan’s, 700 for both! Local Pickup Winter Haven FL 33880
  21. bleuchzsteve

    Drag half dead?

    Hi all, i just ordered my first frags from top shelf aquatics and one of the frags seems like half of it is dead’s an evergreen Galatea and It was an “almost WYSIWYG” item so I believe it was in this condition when I purchased it. Should I do something special with this to keep it...
  22. Tannermule

    Ohio Live Goods WWC Sector 001 Favia

    $35 obo for each disc on 1 1/4in frag disc If you would like one for less let me know and I can frag up my grow out an put it on a smaller plug for you. Free shipping at $250. Please look at my other post for more coral to buy

    Frag Plugs

    I am offering this colored frag plugs. These are made out of PETG and reef safe. The plan behind these plus is to offer a product that give back the restoration of reefs. This is a passion project for me to support something that has brought so much joy in my life. These are packaged in packs of...
  24. B

    California Live Goods WWC Bob Marley Zoas and Other Zoas/Corals

    Zoas and other corals including stunning WWC Bob Marley zoas for sale. No pest, no nuisance algae, none of that bs. Open to reasonable offers on everything. These are very nice and pics do not do them justice. Will ship at buyers expense. I’ll cover shipping over 300
  25. D’orlissimo

    Coconut frag rock

    Hi everyone, I’m new to salt and cannot find any informed answers I’ve made a coconut frag rock/rack, I’m hoping to grow my Zoas of the plug and cover the shell. Hopefully will be a home to my goby also. my question is why does nobody else do this? I seasoned the shell in my freshwater tank...