1. B

    California Live Goods Bright Zoa Colonies WYSIWYG

    These are not your typical 1-3 polyps frags. Pics are current as of yesterday. WYSIWYG. Prices are negotiable, especially if you’re taking multiple pieces. Happy to work out a pack for all 6 and Will throw in a freebie of my choice if so as well as Free Shipping. Lets make a deal. Generally...
  2. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Live Goods Euphyllia / LPS Coral no

    Have some Euphyllia / LPS for sale. Gold and Peach Hammers 1 Head/40$ 2 head/60$ 3 head/80$ Peach Octospawn, only have 2 head frags 40$ Green Hammers 20$/head 35$/2 Head Splatter Hammers 45$/head Duncan’s are 20$/frag most frags are 3+ heads Discounts for multiple frags Shipping is...
  3. Blinkdo

    Live Goods SOLD Acro SPS 6 Pack - Reef Raft, RMF, Cornbred, and more..

    Hey reefers, have another acro 6 pack up for grabs all with unique pieces in each (WYSIWYG). $350 shipped RMF Red Halo RR Pink Floyd RMF Phoenix GB Rainbow Stag CB OMG AA Chameleon DOA Policy: Items must be reported with a clear digital photo within 2 hours of first delivery attempt Once...

    2nd Annual Dakota Frag Swap

    The 2023 Dakota Frag Swap date and venue are set! The date has been changed to May 7th 2023. Some details have also changed. If you are interested in setting up a table, please let me know!‼️PLEASE SHARE! If you have people you would like to see there, please let them know! Businesses and...
  5. R

    Georgia Live Goods Holy Grail Micros / Gonis / CCA Crayola Meltdown / Rainbow Hammers and others

    Standard R2R Shipping rules applied. Free shipping at $600. Shipping will be when the weather is great on my end and your end! You guys wiped me out of my amazeballs goni frags on my last post. I may have a big piece available but it will be pricy. Restocking from my colony for another...
  6. A

    USA Frag transport system and frag racks

    4.3L Frag transport system Clear container with handle for ease of carrying and it's air tight so water wont leak everywhere during transporting. This system can hole up to 70 frags with 2 tier frag racks holding 35 each shelf. Container is BPA free and food grade plastic, also stack-able...
  7. B

    Live Goods SOLD Small Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones

  8. R

    Six line wrasse? OR, some type of dottyback?

    Hey guys and gals, I’m looking at setting up a 10g frag tank and am considering one fish along with some snails for algae. The fish for pests. I’m leaning towards a sixline turbos and hermits, but, I also like dotty backs specifically the Arabian and orchids. The main “pest” I have is bristle...
  9. B

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa Colonies

    WYSIWYG. Pictures have not been doctored and don’t do justice to the color of these zoas. Some very nice zoa colonies here. Intended for someone who wants to appreciate more than the typical one or two polyp frags. Have had these for over a year and a half and have produced generous frags...
  10. uniquecorals

    Valentine's Day Mon Feb 13th Flashsale on Reef2Reef 10am - 6pm pst

    It's time for looooove. The love of humans, and also love of animals, and aquatic animals. What better way to feel the love than to get great deals?! We have over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off lined up for you all! Join us Monday, 2/13/23, from 10am-6pm PST on none other than REEF2REEF...
  11. The Natural Coral Depot

    Florida Live Goods Zoas

    Price Varys depending on which Frag
  12. BlingityBling

    Free 3D File... Zoa Puck Mold I decided I wanted to grow my different types of Zoas in a way that was easy to move around or even change tanks as I've had plenty of fish have the taste for them in the past. Center plug is large enough to drop in a 3/4" frag plug. Chose that size as...
  13. Chipper1978

    Must You Frag?

    I’m asking a question I never thought I’d ask when I started my first reef reef tank 2 1/2 years ago. All of my SPS is starting to grow into each other. Do I have to frag or is it okay to let them grow into each other and let nature take it’s course? I love the idea of them all being packed...
  14. Tannermule

    Looking for small scale coral farms

    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy some coral online. Nothing against WWC, TSA, Unique Corals, Tidal Gardens, or similar coral farms, but I want to try some small scale "mom and pop" coral farms. My new years resolution is to try to shop small when possible, and this is one of those times. A...
  15. TopShelfAquatics

    What is your Reefing New Years Resolution??

    Now that the new year is upon us what are your goals for your reef tank? Is it to just get it going? Maybe some changes? Or just getting your dream fish or corals? We would love to see your current tank pics and then show us the afters once you achieve your goals! Here is to having a great year...
  16. WWC


    Make sure to check out our eBay store to get your hands on some amazing deals! Auctions Starting at just $5
  17. VSVP bet

    Connecticut Live Goods Neon Green/Pink Long Polyp (Weeping Willow) Toadstool Frags - Pickup Only

    Have frags growing. I can take better pics. A sized med to small. XL Green Frag: (sold) Large Green: $140 (i have 1) Large Pink: $100 (i have 1) Small Green: (sold) Med. Pink: $70 (2 left) Small Pink: (sold) I can update pics, I want to gauge interest. Want gone this week. No shipping its...
  18. N

    Minnesota Live Goods WYSIWYG - Ultra Blasto, Goni, Scoly, Wall Hammers, Acro, and more

    I can ship nationwide ✈️ at affordable rates. Please DM me your zip code for a quick shipping quote 3 Polyp Blasto (Ironman?) $180 Gold Wall Hammer - $110 Green Wall Hammer - $130 Tonga Green Tip Torch (1 Head) - $80 Green/Purple Scoly (sorta looks like UFO) 4 inch across - $165...
  19. ozanareef

    New York Live Goods Gorgeous Finger leather frag

    Will ship or be available for pick up located in Staten Island You'll get a frag from this colony 25$ each
  20. Shiva89

    Colorado Live Goods High end, clean, pest free frags!!!!

    I trimmed some zoas and some acros back last week. Need to clear some space in my tank. Ive got some emeralds on fire zoas for $20 each, and some wwc yellow tips for $30 each. WYSIWYG Shipping is $50 from Colorado Any questions, please ask. I should have some more frags healed in a couple...
  21. D

    New York Aquariums Aquarium Controller Sumps 30 Gallon Frag tank setup including old Apex

    Located in Stony Brook, Long Island I recently upgraded to a JBJ 65 and want to sell my old tank setup. It's a 36x18x12 rimless frag tank. Drilled with an overflow and durso style drain. No scratches, cracks or imperfections. Home made stand made from 2x3 and sealed with black paint. The...
  22. Spork

    Maryland Live Goods Large VA Slimeball Gonipora Frags - No Shipping - $40-80

    15 Large VA Slimeball Gonipora frags available. These were fragged about a month ago and are fully healed. PM for pickup and payment details. $40-80 based on size. Daylight and actinic pictures included. F4 and F8 - $40 All the rest are $80
  23. T

    Florida Live Goods Hephaestus, Acid Reflux, Speckled Krak, Zoas available

    Hello everyone I have listed 3 different zoa's I have available. Prices are listed below. If you are interested in all 3 lets make a deal. Local Pick up preferred- Boca Raton FL 33498 Shipping could also be considered DM and we can discuss options. Thank you for stopping by. Hephaestus 2...
  24. steelfeather

    Frag tank AIO

    Hi, I am thinking of building out a frag tank any thoughts on using a AIO system like Innovative Marine 50 NUVO Fusion Lagoon Pro 2 AIO as a frag grow system? What would the limitations or down side be on using a AIO? Thanks
  25. Drewerd7

    Propagating Orange Tree Sponge: can I simply cut and glue?!

    My orange tree sponge looks healthy: great color, upright, strong, healthy tissue. I do not like looking at the plug it came in on. The sponge would be more attractive encrusted to live rock. So, can I cut it and gel superglue it to an indent in the live rock? Also, if i leave an inch of the...