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Jul 6, 2013
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New hampshire
Up for sale with pics to follow are Two orpkek gateways version 2 new 45.00 each shipped.
Orphek Universal Mounting Arm Kit for Orphek Lights 65.00 shipped
Apex modules. 2 ALD Modules one with two Solid-Surface Leak Detection probes and one with just the ALD mod. ALD with two probes 90.00 shipped just ALD module 65.00 shipped
APEX AFS automatic fish feeder brand new 65.00 shipped
APEX VDM with cable for light 65.00 shipped
Older ( blue) Apex breakout box 20.00 shipped, Newer ( orange) breakout box 30.00 shipped
Apex Flow sensors All Brand New. FS-200 (2") A FS-100 (1") I have two of these. over 230.00 value for these all new will take 115.00 shipped for the lot.
Great White New cleaning magnet with lots of extra cleaning pads 35.00 shipped the size of the magnet is 4" x 1 1/2"
Reef Octopus OTC Skimmer stand ST-3 Footprint is 17" x 11" and 3 3/8 x 4.5" tall brand new 40.00 shipped
Reef Octopus OTP-2000 Turbine pump 2000 L/HR Brand New 40.00 shipped
Outside the Tank magnets Maxspect Gyre xf130/230 outside magnet I have 6 of them could be used for thicker tanks that need extra magnets to hold pump with thicker tanks ill take 70.00 shipped for all they go for 30 a piece. you can also cut these and use for other pumps to hold them onto thicker tanks 1" plus. I use these magnets to hold my Maxspect XF350'S onto my 1" acrylic tank works awesome!!
PICS will follow later this am Private message me for quickest response thank you
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