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Feb 27, 2021
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Sammamish WA
Im planning a 125g mixed reef. Here is my fish stock plan so far. Please give any sort of feedback. By the way I am concerned that if i add a engineer goby, when it is full grown, will i be able to add new fish even if they are small?

2 orange occelaris clowns
1 firefish goby
4 engineer gobies unless its ok to have 3, which i would have (im worried of fighting if there is one pair, and one lonely guy)
1 foxface lo
1 longnose hawkfish
1 convict tang
2 sergeant major damsels
1 saddle valentini puffer
1 red coris wrasse
1 blue hippo tang
1 pygmy coral groucher goby
1 orangebanded sting fish if it wont eat the others
some sort of trigger, humu humu if possible... if not maybe black hhawaiin trigger?
1 royal gramma
2 leaf scorpionfish


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Aug 11, 2013
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Wisconsin-Florida in a year
Hate to say but with Rick and other internal objects, you may need to cut that number of occupants in half.
That’s a typical number of occupants for a 300 gallon tank.
This may work in a freshwater setting but definitely not saltwater setting

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