Deal of the Day: 03-08-18 Colorful Slice of the Reef!

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    A Colorful slice of the Reef! Great for Nano and Smaller Tanks. $99.99
    Buy other corals to get free shipping!
    Click on photo for Slice of the Reef details! DO NOT MISS OUT!


    Top left clockwise.
    Caribbean Beauties
    Tan with Greel Tip Toadstool
    Toxic Green Trumpets (Calaustrea)
    Fire & Ice Acan
    Tyree Neon Green Toadstool
    Red Blastomussa with Green Eyes
    Multi-Head Duncan/Whisker Coral
    Center - Green with blue Eyes Micromussa

    Locals - Email us for pickup/shipping details.
    Check out our Addict's Gallery
    Thank you!

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