*** Deltec's SKIM TO WIN Giveaway!! Win an awesome Deltec skimmer for your reef!! ***

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May 9, 2018
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Congratulations @Drewbacca!! You're our winner for this giveaway!! Please PM me to claim your prize!!

*Winner must claim prize within 72 hours or we will redraw for a new winner.
Just wanted to express my excitement & gratitude to Deltec, R2R, and all the individuals involved in putting this together and participating... and say Thank You again!
I replied and stated how much I could use a little good luck... AND.. within 60 SECONDS of hitting send... I WISH I Was Kidding...
Blown transformer fuse above... Burnt squirell below. But all good after pulling out the generator & my shoulder. So definitely thankful for the good luck.. and greatful for the Good Will.
This Contest was honestly a smart way to bring some deserved attention to the careful details of these products which set them apart ..while giving back & creating a little fun & excitement.
I especially enjoy seeing others win & receive things when they truly appreciate & need it. With that I wanted to note that this is not lost on me as I just spent 3 days trying to find a dc skimmer motor that would fit to upgrade my 6 year old AC skimmer.. not just for the needed air tuning that the dc control gives, but because meanwhile I was cleaning my skimmer & motor just to try and get it running again, as it has slowly been dying.
So I can truly say it is needed.. And.. the best of the best = appreciative & blessed. Thank You!
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