DIY Photon V2 Mount for corner tanks

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    With the odd shape of my tank (Bow front Corner) , I couldn't make the mounting brackets and hardware work the way they were intended. I tried extending the front legs out further than the back to get a 45 degree angle but that didn't work. I did however come up with a solution that will work with the supplied hardware.

    For those people who have weird shaped tanks or don't want to suspend their lights from the ceiling or use hanging brackets screwed into the back of their stand or wall, this is an option. I rotated the brackets 90 degrees and utilized the L shaped support bars. I used the ends with the screw placement spaced the furthest apart so i could have more of the shaft slid inside the topside of the fixture and still use the set screws. I cut each one of the four pieces to 9 1/4 inches..There’s roughly 1 1/2 inches of rod sticking out past each end of the set screw points.

    I wanted to have enough material on the side of the fixture to where I could grasp the rod ends for adjustment if need be. I sanded and covered each end with vinyl end caps designed to protect threaded screws. The left side bracket had to be modified to make it work. I cut it directly in half and then cut another 1/2 inch off each of the two pieces to allow space for the electrical cord. The electrical cord width was roughly 3/4 of an inch. I could have just machined something out of ABS or Acrylic, but decided to try this first. I’m happy with the outcome and think it looks good. Maybe not the best solution, but it works for me!

    I have the minimum 2 inches of clearance we talked about and also have full coverage of light spread over the tank. I am extremely happy with the fixture. Cant wait to to get the tank fully set up. I thought I would share some pics of what I did. Feel free to pass along!

    Thank You,
    Jeff T.

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