Dream Nano Hybrid Build - Help me out


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Jul 15, 2023
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Hey everyone! I'm in the early planning stages of a new nano. I really love the Nano tanks because of the nature of my lifestyle. I live in a small space so they are easier to manage. I've finally reached a point in the hobby where I have good patience and I'm willing to put in the time and diligence to do it as right as possible from the beginning. Also, my office tank just hit the one year mark and is starting to go on autopilot, so here it goes.

My dream system is a nano hybrid. I'm looking to be in the 10G neighborhood with an external sump, hence the hybrid moniker. I'm a huge fan of properly designed cabinets and I like building them . My cabinets are usually much larger in width than the tank so that I can put everything into them in an organized fashion to include a sump section, controller section and storage.

I'm really strongly leaning towards a Fiji Cube 11 Gallon EXT Rimless Nano but I am considering the same tank in the 22.4. I always tend to lean smaller. I have owned up to 75 gallons in the past but my favorite tank today by a long shot is my Eshopps Deskmate in my office. You can see it here.

One of the main reasons for my post is I haven't seen much about systems designed this way or with this tank. Anyone aware of any?

I'm mostly undecided on equipment and I am completely open to ideas. The only piece I am for sure decided on is the AI Prime. In the end it is going to have all of the bells and whistles. I have an idea for a community project where I can build this out based on suggestions and ideas from the R2R community. Want to see if something works or see it in action? Let’s put it in here if it makes sense.

Here are some ideas I know I want to incorporate so far. I have tremendous success in my nanos doing small daily water changes which can be messy and a pain in the neck at times. With that said I’m going to put a water change system in place, I don't know how yet but I will likely build two acrylic containers. My ATO container will be based on my deskmate which is in the pictures below.

I also attached a very rough child-like sketch of the cabinet. This is how my process starts

Here is some equipment I am considering. May not start with it all but eventually end up here.

Fiji-12 Advanced Reed Sump 2nd Gen

Di-4 Drop in Fleece Filter System V2

Vectra S2 DC Pump (too much? Not sure, I want Mobius Control)

S-120 Space Saving G4 Protein skimmer

BRS Universal CO2 Scrubber (House is usually sealed up tight)

Dual 100W Titanium WIFI Heater

Smart Auto Water Changer Duo

A3 Apex Pro Controller

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 10.51.43 AM.png


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