Easiest way to remove sand bed for bare bottom?



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Nov 21, 2015
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the issue with siphoning into a separate container is your pulling water out a lot faster then sand you'll get about half of your sand & your tank will be empty of water. then poring the water back in will stir up holy heck in the remaining sand in the tank. if the goal is to remove the sand with no disturbance to the fish/coral & the DT as a whole the sand needs to be removed from the system without removing the water from the system. unless you just do it with water changes & pull out as much as you can with each water change.
I dump the water back into the sump as not to disturbe the DT. I only drain into a bucket or barrel so i can make sure the water is clean before it goes back into the system. The smaller micron bag you use the less you have to worry about it so draining into the sump shouldn't be and issue with 5 micron bags.

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