For sale Elos Diamond 200XL tank breakdown...

$100.00 to $5,000.00
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Hey all, moving cross-country in the near future and need to start prepping to sell the house. My tank breakdown must begin! Everything listed is in perfect working order and has been in use 2 years and 3 months. Didn't plan on a move so quickly when setting everything up! These are pre-shipping prices, which would vary based on where you live. Tank, sump, stand, UV sterilizer, and skimmer would have to be picked up in Springfield, IL. The pics show the stand with the front panels removed, but they fit flush for a clean finish. The livestock will be picked up in the next two weeks, and shipping will occur after that time.

Elos Diamond 200XL with steel diamond stand in slate gray (200cm/80cm/87cm) (was 11k shipped 3 years ago, good luck finding one these days) - 5000.00 OBO

Abyzz A200 pump: 1100.00

Kessel A360X light (x7 available with tank mounts) 280.00 each

Waterbox reefer 60 tank and stand with sump - 500.00

Omega Vertex 300 dual pump skimmer - 500.00

Crystal Reef custom acrylic sump (fits under stand perfectly) - 500.00

Ecotech MP60 - 400.00

Ecotech MP10 - 150.00

Pentair 80W UV sterilizer - 400.00


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Apr 22, 2020
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3 Kessils, the abyss, and the MP10 are sold. Rest remains available. I'll let the entire package of whats left (waterbox, stand, sump, skimmer, 4 kessils, reactor, UV sterilizer, and the million other knick knacks) go for 6k if anyone wants it all

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