Extremely Unique Rainbow Like Indo Gold Torch & Few Others


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May 22, 2018
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Have another round of these super nice rainbow like Indo gold torches. The people that got some last time compared them to a dragon tamer. Regardless of what they may or may not look like they are an amazing & unique piece. Also have a few other torches and some hammers available listed below too. If interested please text me at 734-725-98fiveO. Prices listed below correlate to the number that’s on the individual pictures. There are multiple pictures of most pieces so they’re labeled with the same number. Pictures are also WYSIWYG unless stated otherwise.

#1 Fully Split Double Head Unique Rainbow Torch - $460 shipped

#2 Single Head Unique Rainbow Torch - SOLD

#3 Double Head Unique Rainbow Torch - SOLD

#4 Double Head Unique Rainbow Torch - SOLD

#5 Triple Head Cotton Candy Torch - SOLD

#6 Double Head Cotton Candy Torch - $160 shipped

#7 Double Head Cotton Candy Torch - $130 shipped

#8 Rainbow Hammer - $65ph + shipping or $50ph with any torch

#9 Unique Malaysian Ultra Gold Torch Splitting Single - SOLD

0CA4A25F-9D4D-4F9D-918C-5ADC22B4DA02.jpeg 456797A8-4774-455A-A407-159ECFC0EDF6.jpeg E0B746BB-E9B2-45E5-B89F-1945840BA399.jpeg 841B0EA4-BB0B-4C8A-BE78-C08F14A31726.jpeg 4BD75E7F-F925-4F58-BFA3-F01154556938.jpeg 79C9A9ED-D200-4FEB-925F-0DAA7853BDDF.jpeg 29AF8F33-E1CD-4D41-82F1-5E7723DA0526.jpeg 92B0FA2C-8693-4AA1-93FE-DFD7B4A29233.jpeg BE8D71B9-FA85-4345-9C87-14D10CF4E2F6.jpeg 766911BD-FFFA-4BEE-B9C4-AF351AC5548F.jpeg D9240142-BF1B-4A78-82F3-91C6C2A38457.jpeg FA984AB8-E8C6-4F3B-902E-3F1586AF0F23.jpeg 2E1A3782-E3B3-4F0E-8595-EA10527E52A4.jpeg 92055A34-C2AC-4524-A9AD-FE50453090F3.jpeg D7801371-055B-456A-BDC1-B08F659FE95B.jpeg 6720183B-C77E-4514-BE9F-01A314FC1897.jpeg 6149DD2F-8833-4302-AC95-E3DE2250007C.jpeg 5D662D3B-068E-4448-B1C0-DCD4BB8EF268.jpeg 64DF7041-A684-4561-A19B-58B9629B1F84.jpeg BCFBE8FA-2CF3-4342-BEE4-5BCAF531BCD3.jpeg A93864C1-0932-4937-939C-34AC087ECF7C.jpeg 890FA4CA-F106-4FB1-BEBB-163C8979424B.jpeg 23187BC0-4FD2-4294-9E5F-56C1185A4CB2.jpeg
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