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May 27, 2014
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
Hi all, I’m having the weirdest issue. One day my Hawaiian feather duster is huge and flowy, and the next day it looks like this

I freaked, and turns out it’s a big-a** aiptasia that somehow lodged itself in the tube opening, blocking the feather duster. I tried grabbing it with a tong but it retracted into the tube. So then I doused it with aipatasiaX, and it retracted in the tube and has shriveled up.
But now, the feather duster barely pops out and retracts quickly back in. When the duster is out I can see the aipstasia attached to the feathers.
My question is- should I try to pry it off which will probably pull off feathers, or let it be? It’s a beautiful creature and I’d really hate to lose it

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