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Sep 7, 2019
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York Pennsylvania
Hello, my name is Matt. I got my 1st tank when I was 5 years old. It was a 40-gallon goldfish tank. Since then I have always had freshwater fish up until 2 years ago. I am a single father of 5 and have all 5 kids. My youngest son Houston is Terminally ill and I have another son who is disabled. Because of this it has been hard to find and hold a job but needed an income so I turned to my hobby. (FISH). I bout all of my tanks and equipment off of Craig's list and started breeding fish. I currently have a 76 gallon with discus, a 75 gallon of angelfish which just layed eggs again, a 110 cichlid tank, a 55-gallon tank with 100 baby Electric Blue Arara which are for sale. A 65 gallon Saltwater cube that has a 40 gallon sump that I set up 1 month ago, a 30 gallon with swordtails I am breeding, a 36 gallon bow front with guppy's breeding and a 55 gallon saltwater reef tank that I have had for 9 months and have been filling corals that I hope to someday frag and sell. I have had to work for everything and never had a hand out not that you can ever get one in this hobby. I say that because my terminally ill son loves corals and saltwater fish. His (ANGELS) a.k.a followers on his facebook page notified WWC, Marine Depot as well as Bulk Reef supply to share Houston's story. A.K.A my terminally ill son. Of course, none of them ever got back to any of Houston's angles but bless their hearts for trying. Se Houston age 7 was born with a rare heart defect in which there is no cure and can not get a transplant. We do not know how long he has and he can't just go play like normal kids so he spends hours in front o tanks watching fish. His Angels had hoped that maybe they could donate something for him so he could have his own special tank to enjoy corals and fish. I am on a fixed income and I can gop buy a coral here and there but as you know getting started is expensive. I just started breeding and have not made a cent yet and still have to pay to take care of what I have. This brings me to this site. I DIY almost everything as I can't afford to just go buy things. Houston is in and out of the hospital and his brother in and out of therapy. This is all the time I have with Houston and I am trying to make each day special. This site I hope will help me with ideas, DIY and possible a connection to sell fish and corals. I hope to someday have the dream tank for my son to enjoy. If you would like to know more abiut me or my son here is his FB page

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