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Free clownfish/springeri damsel (Local pickup)


Salty and Spooky

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Jul 18, 2019
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Posted about these guys before but combining into one with better info.

-2yr old midnight ocellaris clownfish (all black, fat, healthy and beautiful)
-Springeri “blue sapphire” damsel, a species known to eat flatworms

I just got my dream fish and my other one on the way and there is no room for these guys anymore. Recently inured my ankle so driving 30 mins to nearest fish store is not really ideal. Can have someone drive me but would rather find these guys homes. Please help me it would be amazing to have someone pickup these guys.

For whoever wants one or both, I also can include used pieces of Real Reef rock. Have a few nice chunks if anyone needs. Trying to entice someone to give a fish a new home.

Local pickup only 48362.
PLEASE do not ask me to ship I wouldn’t even know where to start lol.

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