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Apr 16, 2018
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Hi All!

I am selling 3 AI Prime HDs!
(These are not HD 16s)

Reason for selling? I am going back to t5s and have no need for these anymore. I do realize that the resale value of alot of things in this hobby don't hold whatsoever.I am just trying to get a few bucks back to feed my reefing addiction!

AI Prime HD (black) $100
AI Prime HD (black) $85 ( slight fan noise when booting up, but no issues during full intensity operations)
AI Prime HD (black) $100
3 New optical lens from AI $25

( Again these are not HD 16s)

Original box with matching serial number
Power supply
3 prong cord
AI Prime light
Original paper work with the wifi and local ip names.

Thank you for your Time!

20210625_132603.jpg 20210625_132541.jpg 20210625_132523.jpg

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