GHL KH Director And 2.1 SA Doser



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Mar 23, 2019
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so i switched from apex to the hydros platform and was sad to see my trident go, i loved the idea of not having to teat alk so i decided to go with the best setup for the price....GHL after chasing down a director and being without automated testing my alk has been spot on dosing 15 ml by hand daily. I pucked up an eshops doser so i no longer need the GHL set up.

White cover KH director manafact date of may 2018 and was used for 12 months and is in amazing condition, includes all parts originally included with a new waterfilter and 1000ml of reference solution and reagent as well as ph calibration solution. 340.00 shipped to lower 48

White cover 2.1 stand alone doser manafact date of feb 20 20 and has only had pump one and two calibrated . basically brand new never used asking 410.00 shipped to lower 48

take both for 720.00 shipped

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