GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value - Drawing Date: Nov 10th - claimed


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May 8, 2006
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GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway!
Sponsored by GHL USA!

It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for?

How to Qualify:

1. Go LIKE the GHL Facebook page here: LIKE GHL (

2. Share this contest on one of your social media accounts. FB wall, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest account! Must include a LINK to this thread!

After qualifying, how to enter yourself:

1. Go to the GHL Website and find a product in which you are most interested in, post the URL and/or Image. (GHL Products -

BONUS ENTRY: After completing the above requirements you may post a photo of your tank or livestock for an extra entry. You may post a bonus entry once a day.

The Prize: Drawn on 11/10/16

One lucky winner will be chosen by random draw to win a GHL ProfiLux Mini Controller
  • 4way powerbar STD4-4
  • Lab Grade Digital Temperature and Lab Grade pH Probe
  • calibration fluids
  • Complete set to measure and control pH, temperature, lights and pumps.
  • retail value ~ USD 430


Thank you to GHL USA for this prize and contest!

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World Wide Corals - Quality Aqua-cultured Coral

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