Guide: How to use profilux 4 over network with cable


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Aug 10, 2017
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This is a completely unofficial method on how to connect to the profilux, mitras, dosers etc using a ethernet cable. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, but suggested just locally.

Disclaimer: I have tested this myself, including done a firmware update, but I take no responsibility for bricked devices. For me it worked well with no issues.

As GHL using regular serial devices and some of us keeping the Profilux in an area where its a lot of disturbance it could be nice to be able to connect to the P4 directly as you would do on the COM-port without being near the P4. It also brings up an alternative way to connect to the P4 if ever the WIFI would go down or you accidently turn off the WIFI on the P4.

For this guide I use a Rasberry pi, but other devices should be possible to use (windows, osx, nas-devices, linux etc), but a rasbpberry pi is cheap and can use the free license.

1. Download rasbian stretch lite and write it to a sd-card with Etcher
2. Unplug / plug the sd card in the computer and open the "boot" folder. Add an empty file with the name ssh as filename (this will autostart an ssh-server on the pi)
3. Connect the PI to the network with network cable and P4 with the USB-cable
4. SSH into the RPI and find the proper version to download here:
4.1 As I used a rasberry pi 3 I used the vhusbdarm
5. Get the executeable: wget
6. Set the correct permission: chmod +x ./vhusbdarm
7. Start the program as a service: sudo ./vhusbdarm -b
8. If you want it to autostart on reboot follow the guide on virtualhere for instructions
9. Close the SSH window to the PI

On Windows.

1. Install the Virtualhere client
2. Open the program and let it install its things, then the P4 should pop up
3. Click on Auto Use on the Profilux 4 and the com-driver should install automatically

Check in device manager what COM-port got assigned and connect to the com port as you had the P4 connected to your computer.

A couple of things to notice:

1. Virtualhere has some limitations on the free license like you can not connect more than one device at a time, so if you want dosers etc you need to buy a license - that would give you an optimized version of the app so could be worth it
2. With a free version the windows client wont run as a service. You need to buy the server license to be able to run the windows version as a service. Not a big deal, but if you want to set it and forget it, you need a license
3. IF you want to do a firmware update through this method, when starting the firmware update and it ask you to change to the new com-port, then open virtualhere and the new com-port should show up, click use on that and go on with the update - you do NOT need a bought license to change to that com-port.

Again: This is absolutely on your own risk

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Jul 27, 2016
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Nice. Will have a look, most of it is OTT

If I can make a general recommendation; Don't set this up because it may be cool. If you don't currently have a use for this, or don't know off the bat what this is for, don't do it.
This is not something we recommend, endorse, or would suggest someone setup for the fun of it. :)

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Jul 27, 2016
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For me running a VPN is great, but would have loved to have access to Profilux and GCC through VPN

There is a section on the software developers site that discusses "Cloud" or connectivity over WAN, which is what remote over VPN would be considered... They recommend connections sub 20ms between client & server... also this is hoping that there are no MTU issues over the VPN connection, etc.

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