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Jan 2, 2010
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How do you harvest pods?

I decided to culture my own Tigger pods a couple months ago and have yet to harvest. I have used a turkey baster a few times to collect and add directly to DT. I also transferred some pods this way into another 2.5g tank to start a new culture. But now, I want to harvest nearly all of my original 1gallon culture. I do have a 53 and 120 micron sieves. So do I just pour the container through the sieves and then use fresh saltwater to funnel into bottles or add to display tank? What about the mulm in the container? How do I make sure I'm collecting all the pods in that but not get the mulm?

Should I then completely clean the vessel and add some pods back for new culture or leave some mulm wen starting new culture?

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Feb 14, 2021
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I use a turkey baster to suck and pour it through the sieve, then from the sieve into a bowl of fresh saltwater. I've also used a syphon to syphon through a sieve, but I find it goes too fast and I always make a mess.

I empty my container down as much as possible without getting any mulm, then I empty and clean the container and start all over.

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