Home made aquarium rocks question!


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Mar 14, 2019
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Hello I've been in the hobby for quite some time and actually my very first tank I set up I used fast setting quikrete. I didn't cure it or anything in the tank it went! To everyone's surprised I never had an issue with it mind you that tank is long gone, and I'm finally setting up another tank after all these years and decided to make some new rocks. I'm actually freshwater curing the rock this time. pH started off at 10 after I did the first water change it went down to 9 and it's going on to one week now and the water is reading a pH of 8 after last night's water change. I'm assuming it's still is porcelain cement so should I wait any longer on the curing process or would you say I'm okay to start saltwater curing the rocks? My freshwater pH out of the tap is 7.4.


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