1. R

    New 90 gallon

    Set up my first saltwater tank, a 90 cornerflo! A little cloudy bc I only had one clarifier packet, but I’ve dosed it w dr tims ammonium chloride and microbacter7 started w 8.2-8.3ish pH and zero nutrient, what should I be looking for in this cycle to indicate it’s completed? Loving my rockwork...
  2. carterpaules

    Tank cycle water parameter

    25 lagoon cycling. im about 4.5 weeks in with it up and running Hi I was wondering if anyone could let me know how the waters doing. .0-.25 Phosphate apx .1 No3 50 No2 .25 mg 1500 phosphate .62 how we doing? im adding a sump and a new skimmer soon.. also maybe an alge scrubber to get...
  3. BitReef

    When do I add chaeto to a new tank?

    When should I add chaeto and start running my fuge? I don’t want to start to early and starve/kill it, but I don’t want to wait too long and give nuisance algae a foothold. I’ve started a new 30g tank with a 10g sump/fuge. My nitrogen cycle is complete and has been for a few weeks. Total cycle...
  4. S

    What is this algae bloom?

    This is my second tank and it’s currently cycling, the cycle has only been running for a week. This black “algae” appeared when the tank was being filled with RODI water, I had to fill it over the course of three days. What is this algae?? It’s only in the areas that have high flow. Lights on...
  5. B

    Beneficial bacteria die off?

    I am cycling my current tank with the help of 3 live rocks and a bit of sand from a mature aquarium sitting in a pantyhose at the back of the sump. The problem is I didn't have a heater for a day and the water was really cold, will the bacteria have died and how long do you think the cycle will...
  6. Michigan Reefer

    0.06 phosphate = Dinos? Algae? It's everywhere and it's my fault. Lots of pics.

    It's my fault. I switched out my entire sumps bacteria filled substrate and biofilter media and replaced it with calcium reactor media and crushed coral. It's been a month with no problems until the last couple of days. Just tested phosphate (0.06) to decide if I need a large water change to...
  7. D

    First 2 fish added dead on day 3

    I have a 40 breeder with a 29 gal sump. It's been up an running for about 2 months. I added dr tims one and only at the beginning and dosed ammonia. I felt the tank was ready for it's first inhabitants. I added 2 juvenile clown fish and they both died today on day 3. Ammonia - 0 nitrite 0.05...
  8. D

    Cycle confusion

    Hello there, I started my 125l tank on October 18th, added live rock (about 10 kg) and been constantly adding Dr. Tim’s One and Only. For about few weeks ammonia was high about (1ppm) then two weeks ago it dropped to 0.2 ppm and a week ago it was 0.86 ppm again. Now for the last week my Red Sea...
  9. SarfCharlee

    Dry Rock & Sand Cycle: What to expect?

    Hello Reefers, I'm new to the hobby and super invested. Just wanted to make sure I'm on the right path. Below are my tank details: Used Fluval Evo 13.5 G- Rinsed & Cleaned Dry Rock & Sand (Store didn't have live sand) Temp: Between 76-78 Degrees - Trying to get this leveled out So to start my...
  10. kiddkobireefs

    Cycling High Nitrites While Ammonia Is Lowering

    I’ve been testing my tank everyday to monitor my cycle. Cycle has been going on for over a month now. My nitrites have continually been high right now for the past 3-4 days at 2-5ppm. My ammonia read 2.0ppm for a few days and has gone to 1ppm as of today but my nitrites are still sitting between...
  11. J

    Cycling with Dr. Tim's and Ammonia

    Hello, I am setting up a 24 gallon cube AIO tank. It is going to be used to temporarily house my 2 clownfish that are almost out of the hospital tank, while my other tank is fallow (ich). I am trying to cycle it so that I can move them in the next week or two, but would like to not put them...
  12. Giordano

    Quarantine Tank Ammonia issue

    Setup my first quarantine tank last week as I had a powder brown tang and bi-color angel on the way. I pulled the water from my 90-gallon tank followed directions on here and thought I was good. I did one water change about 30% so far after I went to the LFS and they tested and said ammonia...
  13. T

    Cycling nano tank, 1 week in.

    Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking here for a lot of my information, But obviously not enough if I have to ask, Ok so last week I got my fluval evo 13.5 started, Put in my live sand (pink Fiji)(I know it’s not “live”) I got a hold of some purple dry rock from a Tyler Johnson. I am running a...
  14. BNanch86

    Tank Cycle Advice

    Hello Everybody, My tank has been set up for two days now and I’m almost certainly going to go down the ATM Colony route for cycling. Set-up below ... My question is, should I test my parameters before I add Colony? This maybe a...
  15. 45bravo

    Dry rock, should I add any bacteria?

    So I've been out of the hobby for a few years, about 6, because I started working out of the country and haven't been home more than about a month every year. That might end within a year or so though well see, I'm a little tired of it. In this time I've had a home built and I'm about to finish...
  16. M

    Should i cycle new aquarium if it has media from old aquarium?

    Hello reefers, Just got a 10 gallon jbj today as an upgrade from my fluval evo 5 since my pump went out. I got new dry sand and dry rock for the new aquarium. I will be setting it up tomorrow and plan on using 2-3 gallons of water from my previous tank. I also have a 1 gallon sump with media...
  17. ReeferMadne55

    Fritz Turbostart

    I just used some Fritz Turbostart 900 and some flakes to cycle a brackish aquarium. How long should it take to cycle?
  18. gidelgadojr

    Just bought 65 gallon used tank

    Bought a 65 gallon tank that was running for a year, but the owner got a bigger one and gave me this with everything included, but lights and stand. I build my own stand replaced the piping because it needed a touch up. I filled it with freshwater everything runs smoothly. I’m putting in the...
  19. ReeferMadne55

    New brackish setup questions

    So I decided to add a new brackish aquarium to my room to compliment my reef tank. I already had extra supplies and equipment laying around, so essentially I’m building this tank for free (woohoo). I just had a few questions regarding the setup and cycling. 1. Can I use my Instant Ocean Reef...
  20. Newatthis

    Nano Build Fluval Spec Marine Filtration Question

    Hi All, Apologies if this is not in the correct topic; I’ve recently purchased the Fluval Spec with Marine Upgrade (literally just the lighting that’s different) and have a question on filtration. The tank has been set up for four days now and all tests look fine...I current have the standard...
  21. CodyB67

    Protein Skimmer During Cycle

    I have a red sea reefer nano that im setting up, and i was wondering do i need a protein skimmer or should i finish the cycle then put one in?
  22. Mollyrosecoburn

    Lights on or off when cycling?

    Hi everyone, I’ve seen quite a lot of contradictory information around the subject of keeping lights on whilst cycling. Can anyone shed some light on whether keeping the lights on actually effects the bacteria populations’ growth? Does algae use the same nutrients as the bacteria? I’d love a...
  23. gavinb612

    Upgrading tank question

    I unfortunately made the mistake of settling for a lesser than because it was cheaper, and now I am switching to what I wanted, but my question is, will me moving all my rock, ceramic, marine pure, and possibly some of the water cause a cycle in the new tank? I’m moving from a 24g Aquatop that’s...
  24. LxHowler

    Keep a tank cyled

    I started cycling a tank about 5 weeks ago, before the lockdown. The tank has nearly finished cycling now and is almost ready for livestock. I was wondering if since my lfs is only doing essentials and not allowing the sale of livestock could I use my bottled ammonia to keep the tank cycled. I...
  25. Mrlwst

    Hello New Member

    Hello I just wanted to introduce myself, as suggested in my welcome email. My name is Sheldon and I just started a 65 Gallon saltwater tank and it has been a real struggle from the start, maybe due to my impatience. Today is day 6 and I am awaiting items to be delivered and trying to find...