1. bert236

    Need advice for cycle

    Hello, I have started cycling my tank about two weeks ago now. I started by using 4oz of fritz turbo start for my 65 gallon tank then dosed dr tims ammonia up to over 2ppm. It’s quickly fell and nitrites went up over 1ppm( top limit for Red Sea kit I have) and never came back down. Meanwhile my...
  2. LxHowler

    Tank upgrade. Will I need to cycle again?

    I currently have a 30gallon cube tank with a pair of clown fish, bunch of clean up crew and coral. I am currently in the planning stage of upgrading it to an 80 gallon tank and had a few questions about upgrading. The tank has about 10kg of live rock and about 4kg of bio media (ceramic rings...
  3. Caito

    EMERGENCY I need help - cycle

    Tank has been ‘cycling’ for 5 weeks now. 32 gal 3ft Have sand and dry rock in it from day 1 Added clean up crew per the instruction of my LFS for 19 days now Havent added any fish yet because my parameters are absolutely shocking. I don’t understand why. I feed a tiny bit of brine shrimp every...
  4. ClownFish664

    is this normal

    Ok guys, anyone want to tell me, is this just the normal ugly phase or am I doing something wrong here? Changed tank to white so you can see it better but I run a much bluer spectrum (Radions LPS template without moon light) Parameters are below Alk 8.4 Mag 1400 Cal 420 pH 8.2 No2 0 No3 1 Po4...
  5. tech_reefer

    Tank Cycle

    So I want to setup a small frag tank. I have cycled media from my bigger tank. Do I still need to wait the full month to cycle the tank? Or can I keep seeding the frag tank with Microbactor 7? I’m not putting any fish immediately, only soft corals for now until more bacteria grow?
  6. Joeymice

    0 ammonia 0 nitrites and 5 nitrates .. is it cycled ?

    Don't mind the light and cheato in the fuge was just taking picture for my buddy after I changed my return plumbing only one I have on my phone a.t.m So like my title says 2 weeks in and I have 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and about 5 nitrates. I used api for ammonia salifert for nitrites and Hanna...
  7. N

    Cycle question

    Ok so I feel like a dummy after realizing what I just did. Got the tank put live sand and base rock also ended up getting some live rock cheap and added that. Tested my water daily with the strip test. Everything looked good. I ended up adding more live rock that had some snails and crabs. For...
  8. S

    EMERGENCY Not Sure if Tank is cycled

    Hi All, I have started fishless cycling with Dr tim's in my 50G tank with Live sand and dry rock. It took about 3 weeks when I got 0 Ammonia, 0 nitrite. As suggested in other threads ,added 2ppm ammonia again just to confirm if my tank is actually cycled . And it took 4 days to get 0 again...
  9. ClownFish664

    Cycle issues

    Hi, Im about 3 months into my nano reef, I managed to get amonia nitrite down to 0 and nitrate down to 0.3. However, I added a hammer coral and 3 blue leg hermit crabs after this and now im seeing small signes of ammonia (total ammonia). Nitrite is above 1 as per the tropic marin test kit and...
  10. mamareef

    How do I cycle my new tank!? Confused!

    Someone please tell me how I am supposed to cycle a 20 gallon IM nuvo fusion. I can’t seem to get a clear answer from the internet/YouTube. Apparantly there are a billion ways to do it!? I will be using caribsea live sand and caribsea life dry rock. I am making my own saltwater with rodi water...
  11. N

    No Cycle Method

    Hey Everyone.. Is there anyway one can add fish to a 15 gallon, Freshly Setup, QT tank on Day 1 without the need for cycling the tank using products like Amquel and Seachem Prime? What would the protocol for water changes be if using the above method? TIA
  12. ClownFish664

    Help With Cycle

    Hello, I have 2 clowns currently in my new reef tank (3 days old right now). I am using the ATm coloney method for cycling the tank. I have done a water test today that shows 1.2 ammonia, no nitrites but 0.2 ntrates. Is this right? As I am concerned the amonia is going to cause harm? Any help...
  13. Bmartinez76

    Florida Haitian Rock

    Selling 190+ lbs of Haitian rock. Some large pieces and many smaller mounting pieces. The rock came from my 750 XXL break down. Asking $700 firm for the lot. local pickup in Winter Garden, FL.
  14. Schraufabagel

    High Nitrites After Cycle

    I just finished cycling my rock in a trash can. It's been about 3 weeks since I started. The nitrites were sitting at 5 ppm and my Nitrates were at about 20 ppm. I've been doing 25% water changes trying to reduce those. However, each time it still says 5 ppm and 20 ppm for each. If the nitrite...
  15. Schraufabagel

    Keeping Tank Cycled Once Finished

    I am currently cycling my live rock and live sand in a trash can. My question is, once the cycle is complete, do I have to periodically add Ammonia Chloride until I add livestock? I won't be adding any livestock until June once I have moved. And that's just adding them to the 20 gallon QT that I...
  16. Schraufabagel

    Keeping Tank Cycled Once Finished

    I am currently cycling my live rock and live sand in a trash can. My question is, once the cycle is complete, do I have to periodically add Ammonia Chloride until I add livestock? I won't be adding any livestock until June once I have moved. And that's just adding them to the 20 gallon QT that I...
  17. JosephNg

    High Salinity but algae still develop

    Hi everyone, I'm totally new to this and I have my tank (46 gal) in its 2nd week of water cycle. My salinity measure was 1127 2 weeks ago and now it reaches 1131. However, the algae is still growing according to the instructions/guide I read. Is it necessary to lower the salinity and how should...
  18. Schraufabagel

    Quarantine Tank Setup

    Does a saltwater quarantine tank have to be fully cycled normally? Or is it easy enough to "seed" filter sponges by pouring Dr. Tim's One and Only over them? I am currently cycling the bio media (sand and live rock) for my new tank and I'm wondering if I can instantly setup a QT so that I can...
  19. Schraufabagel

    Cycle Tank Now or Later?

    I am moving on June 1st; only about 2 hours away. I know cycling takes time to build a good bacteria population (I have some freshwater tanks). I have my first saltwater tank already. I am wondering if it would be a terrible idea to start cycling my tank now and move it on that day. Would moving...
  20. bReefedBaker

    Trace amounts of Ammonia, but 0 Nitrites?

    My first saltwater aquarium! I’m having some difficulty understanding why I have trace amounts of Ammonia, 0Nitrites and a possible 10ppm for Nitrates. Is it my eyes seeing the faint green for Ammonia or is the API liquid test kit just not going to distinguish a very true yellow for 0...
  21. TSSagraves

    pH question

    I am cycling my first tank and the pH is about 7.5. Is it normal for it to be this low before there’s anything in it?
  22. R

    Questions regarding cycling new tank

    I used Dr Tims all in one and dosed ammonia to cycle my tank. My tank has been cycling for around a month now and I thought it was finished. All of my readings were indicative of a finished cycle (ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: through the roof) and so I decided to get two clownfish. Its...
  23. S

    7 Weeks- No Cycle: could I have done something which would prevent my tank from ever cycling?

    1) Problem: (Growing Despair) 75 gallon, bare bottom, dry rock fishless cycle using Microbacter7 (per instructions) using new API tests. Now at 7 weeks I still have a consistent 2ppm ammonia (initially from raw shrimp, and now Dr. Tim's ammonia) but the ammonia level never drops, and I've...
  24. J

    Which parameters do you think need to be or are worth being constantly measured?

    Ive posted here before and Im sorry if im taking too much of your time guys but youve been really helpful. Brief background behind the question is that my bachelor thesis is about designing a smart aquarium. **Some more elaboration on the question:** It doesnt really make sense to have 20...
  25. S

    Does bag of dry sand contain pests and need to be sterilized?

    I'm restarting a tank after a 2 year break and want to avoid pests. I've bleached my old rock and equipment but have a 4 year old bag of unused dry Aragonite. Can I consider that substrate pest free at this point to rinse in RODI water and add to my cycle tank? Or should it still be sterilized...
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