1. JosephNg

    High Salinity but algae still develop

    Hi everyone, I'm totally new to this and I have my tank (46 gal) in its 2nd week of water cycle. My salinity measure was 1127 2 weeks ago and now it reaches 1131. However, the algae is still growing according to the instructions/guide I read. Is it necessary to lower the salinity and how should...
  2. Schraufabagel

    Quarantine Tank Setup

    Does a saltwater quarantine tank have to be fully cycled normally? Or is it easy enough to "seed" filter sponges by pouring Dr. Tim's One and Only over them? I am currently cycling the bio media (sand and live rock) for my new tank and I'm wondering if I can instantly setup a QT so that I can...
  3. Schraufabagel

    Cycle Tank Now or Later?

    I am moving on June 1st; only about 2 hours away. I know cycling takes time to build a good bacteria population (I have some freshwater tanks). I have my first saltwater tank already. I am wondering if it would be a terrible idea to start cycling my tank now and move it on that day. Would moving...
  4. bReefedBaker

    Trace amounts of Ammonia, but 0 Nitrites?

    My first saltwater aquarium! I’m having some difficulty understanding why I have trace amounts of Ammonia, 0Nitrites and a possible 10ppm for Nitrates. Is it my eyes seeing the faint green for Ammonia or is the API liquid test kit just not going to distinguish a very true yellow for 0...
  5. TSSagraves

    pH question

    I am cycling my first tank and the pH is about 7.5. Is it normal for it to be this low before there’s anything in it?
  6. R

    Questions regarding cycling new tank

    I used Dr Tims all in one and dosed ammonia to cycle my tank. My tank has been cycling for around a month now and I thought it was finished. All of my readings were indicative of a finished cycle (ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: through the roof) and so I decided to get two clownfish. Its...
  7. S

    7 Weeks- No Cycle: could I have done something which would prevent my tank from ever cycling?

    1) Problem: (Growing Despair) 75 gallon, bare bottom, dry rock fishless cycle using Microbacter7 (per instructions) using new API tests. Now at 7 weeks I still have a consistent 2ppm ammonia (initially from raw shrimp, and now Dr. Tim's ammonia) but the ammonia level never drops, and I've...
  8. J

    Which parameters do you think need to be or are worth being constantly measured?

    Ive posted here before and Im sorry if im taking too much of your time guys but youve been really helpful. Brief background behind the question is that my bachelor thesis is about designing a smart aquarium. **Some more elaboration on the question:** It doesnt really make sense to have 20...
  9. S

    Does bag of dry sand contain pests and need to be sterilized?

    I'm restarting a tank after a 2 year break and want to avoid pests. I've bleached my old rock and equipment but have a 4 year old bag of unused dry Aragonite. Can I consider that substrate pest free at this point to rinse in RODI water and add to my cycle tank? Or should it still be sterilized...
  10. JL15219

    Build Thread My 1st Saltwater Journey (29 gallon) Now 40g AIO

    Link to my new AIO thread build: Hello Hello! Finally after months of research and gathering equipment, I was finally able to setup my 29 gallon tank yesterday evening. Please excuse the heater and the huge powerhead...
  11. O

    2 weeks into cycling tank

    Two weeks into cycling my tank, it’s never been uglier lol. Brown algae everywhere with hair algae sprinkled in. But my ammonia is below 0.02ppm and these are my current parameters tested with api salt/fresh 5 in 1 test strips. Question is, does it look like so good so far? I’m used to...
  12. O

    EMERGENCY Cycling/algae

    I’m currently a week into cycling my tank with live rock from a friends tank thats been established for years now, and a clown fish. And I noticed that my parameters are still down, ammonia etc.. but now i have all this algae growing. Is that normal?
  13. adamlodge14

    Cycle taking ages

    Hi, I have been cycling my tank for 1 month now, I have got lots of maxspect bioballs in the filtration and have been adding special blend bacteria twice weekly. I have upped my ghost feeding to a decent amount everyday but my ammonia has only gone up to 0.25 and I still don’t have a nitrate or...
  14. M

    Yellow/White (stringy/gunk) Coating on Rock and Substrate - 1 Month Old Tank

    Hello! I will summarize at the end and provide photos if you don't want to read my initial tank journey from start to now, but here we go! I included the journey only because maybe there was a misstep I took that can explain things. Look for the colored markers if you want quick notes, and...
  15. zachj.1109

    Nitrites sky high for weeks

    Hey all, this is my first time posting on here so go easy on me! Also new with saltwater in general, but I have been freshwater fish keeping for a few years, I know, apples to oranges. But I’m in the middle of cycling my tank, it has been going since middle of December. I started with dry rock...

    Ai Prime for a 20gal long - When should I start lighting my aquarium and what settings does R2R suggest?

    Hello again. 2nd post yay! I'm getting my Ai Prime 16HD on Monday and I've got a few questions. Since my aquarium is in its VERY early stages of even cycling I do not know if it is wise to stick it on there and set up a schedule immediately. Like I said in my previous post that I have about...
  17. woodyetia

    Build Thread My 65 Gallon Week One Already Questions :)

    Getting back into the hobby after being out for 6 years after moving. A lot has changed in the hobby in such a short time. I a, now trying RODI and my output is testing at 2ppm. However two nights ago I set up the aquarium added base rock and live sand. I added my RODI water and salt. Now the is...
  18. K

    Should I add start up bacteria?

    Hello, a few days ago I posted a thread asking how to revive my neglected aquarium. You guys all had such good advice and with some additional tips from my local LFS I am now heading the right direction again with the tank. Just to quickly recap I left my 54 gallon corner in my basement...
  19. A

    New cycle mould???

    Hi guys. I've been cycling this tank for almost 3 weeks now. I have used 2 shrimp and a bottle of Dr Tim's one and only. I'm seeing this white grey mould like film covering probes and wave pumps. The water kinda smells like mould too. I've used RODI water and tropic marin salt. Ammonia currently...
  20. Bahura-Living

    10 gallon salwater tank from cycle to beautiful reef

    Hello Reefers. I don't know if this had been made here before but I want to built a innovative marine 10 gallons tank with all idea and help from you guys. it a long shot but it could work. please help me from pick a rock, sand, light and other stuff that I don't have. as of now I only have...
  21. M

    New Tank - General Cycle Process and Question on Lighting During Cycle

    Hello all, I am a returning member of the reef community after years off, and new to the site! Please excuse me while I learn the etiquette and how to ask what I'm thinking in my head. I've set up a 20G Nuvo Peninsula tank in my office and so far here is what I've done. I'm mainly concerned...
  22. ridgeburyreefer

    Time for my first water change?

    I’ve been cycling down for almost a month, my ammonia has gone sky high and come back, my NITRATE has gone sky high come back down to around 10ppm and is again high(160ppm) my nitrites has gone high, and has remained there. is my cycle complete, and just needing a water change?
  23. C

    Cycle Question

    I've had my IM NUVO 40 running for about 2.5 weeks. Dry rock, and Caribsea arag alive fiji pink live sand. I started the cycle with Dr. Tim's and I'm fishless cycling w/ dosing ammonia. I started with an 2ppm dose, a few days later a 1 ppm dose and then another 1 ppm dose at around the 10 day...
  24. Foggy Pirate

    Nitrogen Cycle Help... Approaching End what do i do between that and time i get fish.....

    Hey Everyone! Second post here in Reef2Reef and a new member! My name is Jeff I just finished setting up my first Fluval evo 13.5 tank, everything stock except protein skimmer and a 240 wave maker. Iv did a fish less cycle with ammonia and as I believe its nearing the end im unaware of what to...
  25. djm

    Cycling Issues

    Hi all, so I’m cycling my first saltwater tank which has been going for about 4 weeks now. I dosed with Dr Tim’s ammonia to 2.0ppm and added Microbe-Lift Special Blend which my LFS said would help cycle the tank. One week on ammonia was 0ppm, Nitrites rose to 0.5ppm and Nitrates to 5.0ppm...