1. JGTPA

    Best Way to Transfer livestock from old tank to be tank?

    I'm going to be upgrading from a 2 year old 90 gallon system to a new 170 gallon system that will be going in the exact same spot. I'm planning on transfering all livestock & rock immediately to the new tank (I'm completely replacing the sand with new). Is this safe or do I need to figure out a...
  2. th365thli

    Cycling with live rock

    I have a Red Sea 650 system I'm bringing up. It currently has dry rock, coupled with some live rock from the LFS, (and some hermits). The live rock is 5 pieces. According to the LFS, it's shipped from a place in Florida that leases a section of beach. The rock comes from there (and new rock is...
  3. MariahP

    Live Rock and Cycle Kit Overkill?

    Hi all, I’m likely going to use live rock for my upcoming ‘scape. I was also considering getting the Algaebarn ultimate aquarium cycle kit. Is that overkill though? Would there be any negative impacts there? Here’s a link to the kit...
  4. A

    Freckles on my Stones!!

    Hi there, My rocks have tiny red/brown "Freckles" they popped up almost all at once. It's a new system water in tank early October. Have you seen or know what these are?
  5. yanni

    How long until add a RFA?

    hey all, I’m currently about to restart my tank, and my LFS has some RFAs I’d love to purchase. I know they’re relatively hardy, and once my tank cycles again I’ll be adding established bio media and some live rock. How long should I wait to add a RFA, will they be okay once my tank cycles, or...
  6. yanni

    Cycling with corals, opinions?

    Hey all!! so I’ve reached wits end battling lobophora algae in my nano tank, so I’ve decided to completely restart, well almost. I’m keeping my livestock in a quarantine tank (glorified bucket on the floor) while I completely sterilise my tank, and add fresh rock and sand. I’m going to cycle it...
  7. diverjm

    California Media Drygoods Free Algaebarn Nitrocycle

    Hey guys, I have a bottle of Algae Barn Nitrocycle that I barely used to cycle my aquarium. I feel bad throwing it away and figured I’d see if someone was interested. I’m willing to give it away but the lucky person will need to cover the shipping cost or local pickup in the Bay Area. Cheers!
  8. D

    0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates

    Hi all I am new to the hobby. I started my fishless cycle on the 1st of December. I added dry reef, coral sand, decor (I believe resin; LFS said it is safe for saltwater tanks), a heater, a wave maker, and a filter with an active carbon filter. I filled the tank with RODI saltwater I bought...
  9. MichaelFita


    Good Morning Reefers ! I am writing this thread in order to help out the brand new reefers within the community . I have combined my knowledge and experience into a step by step guide in setting up your brand new reef tank . The goal we all have while setting up and keeping a tank is...
  10. H

    Home made aquarium rocks question!

    Hello I've been in the hobby for quite some time and actually my very first tank I set up I used fast setting quikrete. I didn't cure it or anything in the tank it went! To everyone's surprised I never had an issue with it mind you that tank is long gone, and I'm finally setting up another tank...
  11. CMarieDennison

    Build Thread First big tank, 125-gallon

    I originally started with a 125-gallon, 4-foot tank at the beginning of the year. My husband started filling it with the RO/DI system attached to my sink directly into the tank while I was at work. It was forgotten about and flooded...the stand was pretty warped so I didn't trust it to hold the...
  12. CMarieDennison

    Upgrading Cycle Question

    Good afternoon, I feel like I should be considered a "new" reefer- I have been studying and reading and watching videos for years but only recently set up my first tank. It was a 20-gallon Tideline AIO. It has been running since May of this year (2022). I have an emerald crab, two peppermint...
  13. JLReef

    Build Thread 16gallon aio on tap water + refugium camber

    happy to show of my blue marine reef 60, a poppulair beginner tank here in the netherlands. its a AIO kit that comes with al the basic needs. only thing i did was hook a light inside the second chamber to grow cheatoband microfauna like copepods. first chamber ive got a small skimmer witch...
  14. JLReef

    Build Thread my custom 2,5 gallon pico setup

    bieng on a budget getting a full reef tank filled with corals i thought why not go smaller. i love the maintaining part of it. i know smaller is harder but i love that challange. i got this little Dennerle tank and made a internal sump with black acrylic with the help of my handy grandpa. got...
  15. W

    How long are these diatoms going to last?

    For reference I’ve had my tank set up and going since august 20th. I noticed the diatoms about 3 weeks ago and as of Sunday cleared off the rocks almost completely. Now we’re right back to where I was before, just 3 days later. I have provided pictures of the tank when the rock was cleared on...
  16. Guzman333

    Questions for after I cycle my tank.

    Ok, so I am getting ready to finish my cycle in a fluval 13.5, and have a few questions. I just put some snails in and a tiger conch and they seem to be doing just fine; however my nitrites are not quite 0, but not .25 either. 1st: is it safe to put corals in with trace nitrites? 2nd: what...
  17. D

    Nitrites lingering after cycling 400 gallons

    I have a ~400 gallon tank that was previously running that’s being started up again, but I’m running into a strange problem. It cycles out ammonia usually in 24-48 hours, but nitrite is taking 2-3 days. Parameters: Ammonia: .5 on API and 0 on salifert Nitrite: .5 Nitrate: 25 PH: 8 SG: 1.026...
  18. CincyReefer07

    CUC Crew Recommendations for New 310gal

    Hey guys! Well my 310gal has been up and running now since the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I’ve had lights on it now for a couple of weeks. Just put my permanent light setup(coral cares) on it last weekend and have them on a 10 hour light schedule at only 20% intensity right now. I used...
  19. A


    I am currently cycling my 32.5 gal reef tank, and it’s been cycling for 1 week. This is my second time cycling a reef tank, but I am still fairly new to it. My livestock is currently an ocellarus clownfish pair and a tailspot blenny. I just have a few questions: 1) Should I do water changes...
  20. ChiReefGuy3

    Pre-Tank Cycling With Bio Media

    Hi Everyone, I am planning on getting a 90-gallon tank but I'm not quite ready to start cycling the display tank (still have to paint the room, buy the tank, create my aquascape with dry rock, ect...). However, I know I will be setting it up within the next 6 months or so and would like to get...
  21. W

    Thoughts on my cycle. It’s about 3 weeks old and has had fritz turbo 900

    Hello all, just started my first reef tank (introduction into the hobby). I am rocking the fluval 13.5 and have used fritz 900 to help cycle. Just got my test kit today and tested my water for the first time. I am looking for a second opinion on my cycle as to me it seems pretty good but like I...
  22. JSkeleton

    Need Cycling Help/Clarification (Will Post Updates In This Thread)

    I apologize for all the cycling questions and threads, I will just update this one from here on out and lay out the entire information below. As of today though (September 3) I've had 0 Ammonia for a few days and stuck at around 5.0 Nitrites for like a week and unsure what to do as it seems I...
  23. JSkeleton

    Cycling Update *HELP* (<0.25 Ammonia; 1.0 Nitrites; 160 Nitrates)

    I apologize for all the cycling posts lately, just want to be sure I get all of this right! ICYMI: 55 Gallon cycling for 2 and a half weeks having used Dr Tim's Ammonia Chloride to bring ammonia to 2.0ppm once and added Brightwell MicroBacter XLM 15x Nitrifying Bacteria. 42lbs arragonite, 20lbs...
  24. Mity Sergio

    Cycle week 3 Question!:)

    Hello everyone! I’m currently going on my 3rd week of cycling my tank I just wanted to reach out and see if these are normal parameters for going on the 3rd week of cycling! Thanks for the help! Ammonia 4.0 ppm Nitrites 0.25 ppm
  25. iFunnny

    Cycling Questions With Seneye

    Hi all, I have some questions regarding my cycle. I've read ton of them on the forums but I was hoping some of the more experienced reefers here could weigh in. I am week 3 into my cycle with primarily using the Seneye and Ammonia Alert badge as well as salifert kits for ammonia, nitrite and...