1. Charlie117

    Nano Build New reef questions

    Hello all! So I used to have a reef tank and had a very “text book” cycle, ammonia rises, then nitrite, then nitrate, then a big diatom bloom and a die off. This time around I had the same chemistry, but no diatoms, it went straight to a dusting of green algae. It’s been about two months and a...
  2. BlueWorldJeff

    Switching out Live Rock

    I sold my live rock to someone who is starting up a Red Sea Reef tank and has cycled the tank for 5 weeks with different live rock. My live rock has been in my tank for 3 years and is formed into pillars with epoxy. He wants to remove some live rock from his tank and add the pillars. The...
  3. Irishman

    Ammonia cycle

    So I started on Sunday with my ammonia cycle and used pure ammonia bought from ACE. This would be my third tank I’ve done with it, other two were successful with starting cycle this way. Anyways I dosed ammonia according to this link to 2 PPM on Sunday. I didn’t test right away and tested just...
  4. AquariumDani

    Is everything OK?

    Is my tank too dirty? What do I add for a CUC? I have 3 mexican turbo snails, 4 astrea, 1 nassatrius (idk) snail, I had 1 tiger conch but I haven't seen him in a week. My corals and fish seem happy and my corals are open and growing pretty quickly. Parameters: Alk: 9.2dKH Cal: 400ppm Mg...
  5. BGrand

    Cycling New Tank

    Please Help! I am starting my fishless cycling tonight using Dr Tim's Ammonium Chloride Solution and my plan is to use all three of the following: Dr. Tims One and Only Bacter7 Prodibio Bio Digest I want to get various types of bacteria in there for the cycle and don't mind it taking longer...
  6. Nfd552

    Nano Build Waterbox 4gal pico

    I just got a 4 gal waterbox aio. I have a 75g which is an established tank, and a 70.2 waterbox which is cycling with dry rock to have the 75 transferred into it. Since I’ll have no use for the rock in the 75 after the transfer I’m thinking of using a piece to seed this 4 gal pico. What’s the...
  7. Lylelovett

    Sustaining a newly-cycled unstocked tank?

    Hi all, I did a fishless tank cycle and am getting some nice diatom growth. I am going to wait until after the first of the year to stock my tank, but obviously want to keep the cycle going. I'm assuming I need to continue to add some ammonia every so often to keep it going? Has anyone done...
  8. Danh Ngo

    Clown harem with bta question?

    I’m cycling a 65G ( 3x2x2) tank. 20G long sump DIY with fuge Bubble Magus curve 5 Gyre maxspect 250 Around 55lbs reef save dry rock + 2 marine pure block + 18W pentair uv (plumb in case needed) It’s been 3 weeks now, planning to make a clown harem. Here is the plan, if you guys have any...
  9. Danh Ngo

    How many fishes can I add - 1month old

    My tank has just cycle, about 1 month old, 65 G with 20G sum. Can I add around 5-6 clown fish (small - nano) about 1-1.5” . Can the tank handle the bioload?
  10. Seahorse man

    Tank crash, mini cycle, fish dying, oh the horror!

    I awoke this morning to find my clownfish floundering on the bottom, my firefish goby dead, and my scooter blenny on the edge. Ammonia level was 1 ppm, nitrite level was 0.5 ppm, and nitrate was 10 ppm. I did a 75% water change, and when thet didnt respond positively i removed them to my...
  11. WannaBSpaghetti

    Requesting: Detailed Instruction on Curing Dry Rock

    Hello Experienced Reefers, The BRS Channel has done a video on this, and I've seen a few threads touch on it, but there is a knowledge gap for me on how to deal with my Rock in the planning stage of setting up a reef tank. Now, for most walkthroughs and guides one of the first steps after...
  12. Joe Batt

    Post cycle bacterial bloom...the uglies

    I just restarted a tank and the cycle is finished but got a heavy bacterial bloom. I slowly dissipates at night but comes back in the day with the lights on. If I leave the lights off, how many days will I generally need to do it to get rid of it, or is it just something that I have to let run...
  13. Joe Batt

    When is the tank mature enough?

    I recently restarted my tank after a slow painful crash, from zero using dry rock, a shallow sand bed. The rock was cycled for 6 weeks till it tested no ammonia or nitrite. Also, phosphates testing around 0.05 and decreasing. I added my old fish and lots of Fritz 900 yet still had a small...
  14. Snake132

    Confused ! Tank has not cycled in 7 months !!

    Any one with experience please help me . My tank is 7 month old, I added fish after the first month. all my fish are very very healthy and happy . ————————-Info—————————— So since month one my levels have been Ammonium 0.025 Nitrite. Nitrate Ph. 8.0-8.3...
  15. Mary Carmen

    Nano Build How I got to cycle my 29 g Biocube

    Here is a link to my adventure: Please visit and let me know what you think! Thank you for reading, MC
  16. BlueWorldJeff

    Quarantine Tank

    I'm trying to use one of my small 3'x 1'x 1' tanks for a quarantine tank. I got a sponge filter to just run in the tank, but the air pump is so loud, I am thinking of other options. Tank: I am actually using one just like this, that has an overflow box in the corner with a 1.5" bulkhead and...
  17. Joe Batt

    How to go about a restart?

    I have a RedSea Reefer 350 that has been running for 3 years, however, for the last 6 months or so it has slowly slowly been crashing. The levels according to Triton water tests are all good, my salinity is 35ppt Alk steady around 7.85-8.15 (slow variation of max 0.1 a day) Ca 440-450 Mg 1410...
  18. Kayzah

    Experiment: Curing Dry Rock & Cycling Tank

    Hi guys, I will receive soon 33lbs (15kg) of dry Marco rocks that I'm going to put in a new tank (REEFER 170). The tank is empty, no water, no equipment, nothing. So here is the way I plan to cure and seed the rocks and cycle the tank altogether. Tell me guys how you feel about it, I...
  19. M

    Upgrading to a bigger tank

    Guys, I know there are lots of threads out there on this topic but everybody seems to have different opinions (as most of things on this hobby :D )... I'm just throwing my thoughts out there and looking for your input.. any help is greatly appreciated! I have an established (about 7 months old)...
  20. Salty-Sailor

    How to "properly" cycle a tank?

    So, I bought pukani rock from BRS and put it in a large brute trashcan in saltwater for 1 month with a power head and heater. i did 100% water change on the trash can with my "old" water change water from my frag system once per week after the first month of just circulating the water & i did...
  21. Curryb15

    Need some help with cycle

    Hey everyone i need some advise I started using the red sea mature program and decided I didnt want to continue. So I got a bottle of Dr tims aquatic ammonium here is what my ammonia is reading. It's in the <.15 category maybe .25. As per the instructions on the ammonia bottle it reads "add 1...
  22. AshwinRavi

    Dry rock curing/cycling

    I recently purchased 40 pounds of dry rock from Amazon for a reef tank I am setting up ( I rinsed the rocks in RODI water...
  23. lickyricky

    New Tank - Questions about Caribsea Life Rock and Cycling

    Hey Everyone! After a five year hiatus I am back with my new Red Sea Max E-170 and I am super excited! Over the weekend I assembled all the parts. Today my final shipments are coming in (chiller, heater, live sand, etc.) and I am super stoked to finally get some water in my beautiful tank...
  24. S

    Reef Cleaners dry rock no curing?

    Reef cleaners rock claims to be completely organic free so does this mean that when I introduce it to a tank there should not be an ammonia spike? I ask because I have a 10 gallon tank with rock that is leaching lots of phosphates into the water so I'm replacing it with this rock(I like it more...
  25. Kaiser

    Moving Stuff from my old tank to my new tank

    I recently picked up a nicer 30 gallon and am planning on moving my 20 gallon nano setup w/ sump/refugium into it, never done a direct tank upgrade before, what is the safest way to ensure my tank doesn't kill off all my coral and fish by re-cycling? I was thinking about throwing bioballs in my...
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