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  1. M

    Upgrading to a bigger tank

    Guys, I know there are lots of threads out there on this topic but everybody seems to have different opinions (as most of things on this hobby :D )... I'm just throwing my thoughts out there and looking for your input.. any help is greatly appreciated! I have an established (about 7 months old)...
  2. Salty-Sailor

    How to "properly" cycle a tank?

    So, I bought pukani rock from BRS and put it in a large brute trashcan in saltwater for 1 month with a power head and heater. i did 100% water change on the trash can with my "old" water change water from my frag system once per week after the first month of just circulating the water & i did...
  3. Curryb15

    Need some help with cycle

    Hey everyone i need some advise I started using the red sea mature program and decided I didnt want to continue. So I got a bottle of Dr tims aquatic ammonium here is what my ammonia is reading. It's in the <.15 category maybe .25. As per the instructions on the ammonia bottle it reads "add 1...
  4. AshwinRavi

    Dry rock curing/cycling

    I recently purchased 40 pounds of dry rock from Amazon for a reef tank I am setting up (https://www.amazon.com/Worldwide-Imports-AWW0855-Atlantic-40-Pound/dp/B0002DI7F0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502734990&sr=8-1&keywords=atlantic+coral+rock+worldwide+imports). I rinsed the rocks in RODI water...
  5. lickyricky

    New Tank - Questions about Caribsea Life Rock and Cycling

    Hey Everyone! After a five year hiatus I am back with my new Red Sea Max E-170 and I am super excited! Over the weekend I assembled all the parts. Today my final shipments are coming in (chiller, heater, live sand, etc.) and I am super stoked to finally get some water in my beautiful tank...
  6. S

    Reef Cleaners dry rock no curing?

    Reef cleaners rock claims to be completely organic free so does this mean that when I introduce it to a tank there should not be an ammonia spike? I ask because I have a 10 gallon tank with rock that is leaching lots of phosphates into the water so I'm replacing it with this rock(I like it more...
  7. Kaiser

    Moving Stuff from my old tank to my new tank

    I recently picked up a nicer 30 gallon and am planning on moving my 20 gallon nano setup w/ sump/refugium into it, never done a direct tank upgrade before, what is the safest way to ensure my tank doesn't kill off all my coral and fish by re-cycling? I was thinking about throwing bioballs in my...
  8. Mwag

    Aquarium Cycle Help

    Hello, I have started a new 30 gallon saltwater aquarium on Sunday (5/14). I am using CaribSea Live Sand and 2 pieces of dry rock as well as a small piece of Live Rock which is cured. I am also using Seachem Stability. I went to go add some fish food to the tank to start the cycle and I put in...
  9. beyer

    Nitrate ppm during cycle

    I'm a beginner and I'd like for anyone to comment on my parameters and add suggestions please. I am on day 24 of my tank cycle using Red Sea's reef mature pro kit. Tank Setup - 29 gallon bowfront - 25 lbs dry rock - 20 lbs live sand - Protein Skimmer - Canister filter Tank Parameters • PH...
  10. MarineDepot

    VIDEO: Canister Filters on Reef Tanks? Never Say Never!

    VIDEO: Canister Filters on Reef Tanks? Never Say Never! Speed up cycling, deep clean, or start a quarantine tank!
  11. ScubaSteve4Life

    Use my canister filter?

    I'm on day 16 of my tank cycle and have brownish algae starting to grow over my dry rock. I started with about 25 lbs of dry dead rock and 20 lbs of live Carrib sea sand in my 29 gallon tank. I'm currently using Red seas reef mature pro kit and it mentions I need a protein skimmer but nothing...
  12. M

    No ammonia spike after 2 weeks?

    I set up my new 46 gallon bow front 13 days ago. I added 40 pounds of the CaribSea live sand, 45 pounds of Marcos dry rock and 10-20 pounds of live rock from my old tank. I added a whole bottle of the BioSpira stuff (the 75 gallon bottle). The tank is at 79 degrees. All RO/DI water with Kent...
  13. ScubaSteve4Life

    Red Sea Tank Cycle

    I have a 30 gallon tank with only dry rock and live sand. I am using Red Sea's reef mature pro kit to cycle my tank. I'm on day 14 of the cycle and am just seeing the first signs of change. I'm starting to see brownish spots starting to form on only my dry rock. It may be hard to see in the...
  14. ScubaSteve4Life

    Anyone used Red Sea's mature pro kit ?

    I just put in all my water for my new tank. Do I run my powerhead even when the sand isn't settled? Also, has anyone used Red Sea mature pro kit? I am using it to cycle my tank. I have a skimmer to use during the cycle but do I use my canister filter too? Or would that be filtering too much of...
  15. Mike N

    Keeping hitchikers alive

    I purchased some live rock from gulfliverock and placed it into a tank with live sand this morning. Only thing in the tank is the sand and rock. Obviously, the tank is going to cycle, but I want to keep the hitchhikers alive. Will they survive the cycle? Or should I just use dr tims? Amm/Ni/Na...
  16. ScubaSteve4Life

    Light schedule during the cycle?

    I'm starting a brand new all dry rock, live sand aquarium with the help of Red Sea's reef mature kit. I'd just like to know when my LED's should be on during the cycle. I've heard mixed opinions on this topic. Everyone saying keep them off seems to be to reduce algae though.
  17. thinktank

    Confusion on Nitrate and Nitrite in saltwater tank.

    So, I migrated over to saltwater from freshwater and am currently waiting for my 100 gallon tank to finish cycling. I cycled using 5 dead shrimp I bought from a supermarket. After about 5 days of them rotting in my tank my Ammonia finally started to show up and when it hit 8ppm on around day 7...
  18. ScubaSteve4Life

    Brand new to the hobby and have some questions

    What's up guys? I just started the saltwater hobby and would love some knowledgeable and experienced enthusiasts advice on exactly what to do with my initial start up cycle and if you think I'm ok with the supplies I've got. I've done plenty of research the past few weeks on everything from the...
  19. quicksil328

    Starting a new Frag/reef

    Ok guys, I need some advice again. I have been helping my two boys with a new stand alone frag/reef build over the past several weeks (pic attached). We got a nice deal on a 45 gal RR peninsula tank, set it on top of a DIY stand, added a 20 gallon long sump with a SCA 302 skimmer, and a reef...
  20. jhatfield

    Two Weeks into Cycle - Reality Check

    I'm two weeks into my first tank's cycle and have a couple questions. First, here are the stats: Tank is a Red Sea 170 Dry pukani dry rock that has been soaked and acid washed live sand Parameters measured today: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - >1 Nitrate - 10 Phosphate - 0 After cycling for 2 weeks...
  21. alexytman

    NO2 AND NO3 rise

    I've been doing my cycle for a week or 2, a had a diatom bloom while back. I used LR etc. and live bacteria added to water. However, I noticed my Nitrite AND nitrate levels are rising at the same time. Is that normal? my LR ratio is 80% Live 20% dead I have some green algae growing few days...
  22. iOweYou

    Is it possible for a new tank to cycle in a week & 2 days?

    Title says it all. Im not so sure. First time I've seen it cycled soo fast. Parameters are all on point. Started date is : 1/12/17 *25g Threw in shrimp on the first day and left it there for 4 days. It was pretty much rotten by the time i picked it up. I have about 10lb dry...
  23. jhatfield

    Cycling with AF

    After a full year of delays I'll be starting my first tank (~45 gal total with sump) in a couple weeks and have a few questions about starting a fresh tank with AF Products. There will be no live rock but perhaps live sand. (?) So basically starting from a clean slate. I would like to start...
  24. tutmatt3

    Beginning my First SaltWater tank this Week!

    Hey Guys, Very nice to meet you, and thanks in advance for the tips! I did a lot of reading & a lot of watching & a lot of question asking - and turns out there's a ton of contradicting information. I figure I would just lay out my specifics & seek guidance from the awesome community here! So...
  25. BlueWorldJeff

    Adding Dry Rock to Established Reef

    My 180g reef has three live rock pillars right now and I want to add another one. I had some dry rock in the garage, that I epoxyed into another pillar. It has been sitting in a 18 gallon rubbermaid tote filled with 1.025 salt water with a MJ1200 powerhead moving the water. This was old tank...
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