1. iFunnny

    Cycling Questions With Seneye

    Hi all, I have some questions regarding my cycle. I've read ton of them on the forums but I was hoping some of the more experienced reefers here could weigh in. I am week 3 into my cycle with primarily using the Seneye and Ammonia Alert badge as well as salifert kits for ammonia, nitrite and...
  2. MichaelFita


    How’s it going reefers ! Recently just snagged a AIO Nuvo 40. I am going to try out the BRS/WWC Hybrid cycle method as seen on their YouTube channel . It is now about week 5 and some white particles have been on top of the water column for about 2 weeks now .How can I get rid of it ? should I...
  3. N

    Final phase of Cycle in new tank?

    Hi all, I have a 75 gal with sump. Lots of macro in sump and some in main display. Tank is 120 days old. Went through the high ammonia phase, went through the high nitrates phase, the Dino bloom, then into the bright green algae phase. I feel like I should start to see the bright green about to...
  4. Uzair Aiman

    Cycling Questions

    Hi, I'm setting up a new 16x16x16inch tank soon. This is my second tank. I've few questions in regards to cycling since its been a year or more that I did my last cycle and I just wanted to be sure I still remember how to do it properly. Last time I have Microbacter7 to dose with some ghost...
  5. melbournedan

    waterbox 15gal peninsula - cycle thoughts

    WaterBox 15gal Peninsula running for just over a week, bare bottom, with dry Liferock branch’s, half a box of nano tech bio spheres (1/2 a kilogram), Dr tim’s one and only, ammonium chloride keeping ammonia at 2ppm, 27-28 degrees celsius, salinity at 1.020-1.021. how are these results looking ...
  6. T

    Overdosed Dr Tims Ammonia

    Hi All! I currently started cycling my new tank 9-10 days ago using dr tims one and only and dr tims ammonia. Since starting my ammonia has been off the charts! I think I just realised why.. it’s because I over doses the ammonia.. my bottle said treats 394 litres and my tank is 640 litres so I...
  7. BleachedCoral

    How do I go about adding copepods to my aquarium?

    Hi, my aquarium's cycle seems to be nearing its end as the nitrites fall and the nitrates rise, and I'm looking into adding copepods & other small critters to my refugium and DT because I hear they're useful, especially since algae is beginning to grow on the rocks. Where do I buy from however...
  8. C

    Tank Cycle

    Recently, I just finished setting up my first tank (Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait), and now I am getting ready to begin the cycle. However, I have a few questions regarding the cycling process. I am planning on using Fishless Fuel and TurboStart 900 both from Fritz Aquatics. 1. Does the order in...
  9. N

    New Tank, holding at .5 ammonia. Need I worry?

    Hi all, Posting here as a new member, and like many new posters, I have an immediate question that I can't quite seem to find through the countless threads posting 'similar' questions; so my apologies for any redundancy. I set up a new 75 gal salt water tank 4 weeks ago, with 20 gal sump. sump...
  10. toddb93

    Cloudy/green water during cycle

    Hi, I have started my reef tank just about 2 and a half weeks ago. I’ve had 2 diatoms blooms so far which seem to cure themselves, but noticing the water now has a cloudy ness with a slight green tint. Any advice of whether I should wait this out or not. Nitrites and ammonias are at 0 and...
  11. I

    Some cycling questions.

    To start off with what I know, I have been working with reef tanks for many years and freshwater tanks for much longer. My knowledge on the cycle is pretty good, but my reef tanks were never great, and now I want to change that. I am starting out with dry sand and dry rock which is very...
  12. M

    Controversial Cycling Method

    So I was talking to another reefer the other day and we got into the topic of cycling methods. When I got into saltwater, my LFS introduced me to a very effective and quick method that is seemingly uncommon. He would add a cap full of pure bottled ammonia from Walmart per 20G and add in a piece...
  13. L

    EMERGENCY What color?!? Ammonia

    What color am I looking at? Nitrates came down last couple days and so did nitrites just need ammonia to hit 0.
  14. notMrDurden

    Abnormally fast cycle?

    First off, the title is misleading... I have no idea what is and isn't abnormal . I just filled and started my cycle last night. At 9pm, In my 16 gallon cube I put 4oz of FritzZyme Turbo Start 900 then brought my tank up to 2.0ppm of ammonia. This morning before I left for work at 4:30 am, I...
  15. bleuchzsteve

    How long was your fishless cycle?

    I'm cycling my first tank and am just wondering how long it took everyone else. I have dry rock and live sand, but the question applies to any situation (dry rock, live rock, dry sand, live sand, bare bottom, ect.)
  16. I

    EMERGENCY Cycling Tank Help

    I am planning to be cycling a new tank, since mine right now was done wrong and is unsavable. I want to cycle with live rock (not dry rock) and have some questions. Would I be able to cycle it with a live rock with coralline algae? And if so would it be better to order online (since my lfs...
  17. AydenLincoln


    I quickly learned to ignore the haters/negative nellies and block people in this hobby or those who laugh at something not supposed to be funny this is in regards to Facebook/social media which overall has a lot of haters. You are going to get a million people saying different things because...
  18. J

    Equipments for cycling

    Hello everyone, Can I start my cycling without lightning and circulation pump? Only the return one? And when I'm done Cycling, or close to finishing it I add these two equipments? Thank You João
  19. B

    Cylce help

    Don't really know where to put this. Sorry if in wrong spot. I started cycling my tank 3 days ago. I used 3 32 Oz bottles of fritz zyme 9 (needed at least 2.5 bottles but just dumped all 3) and Dr tims bottled ammonia. The bottle recommended me to use 4 drops a gallon. It also said 100 drops...
  20. Muffin87

    Cycling barebottom 100G is taking over 2 months

    I started cycling a dry rock barebottom 100G tank over 2 months ago and it still hasn't finished. This is the third tank I've cycled, and it's always taking me at least a month. When I started the cycle two months ago, I added Brightwell's Microbacter Start XLM and QuikCycl (Ammonia Source). At...
  21. rja

    End of cycle? All my nitrAtes disappeared?

    Hello, So I have been fishless cycling my BC29 for a couple weeks now and I went through an ammonia spike, nitrite spike, and… not a nitrate spike? [USING API TEST KIT— I know, it’s junk] I may sound delusional but literally, my ammonia was so high that the tests were robin-egg blue. Everyone...
  22. rja

    Cycle is stressing me out

    Okay so this is my first reef tank— not my first cycle rodeo though. Anyway, I decided to go the fishless route. This is a Biocube 29. I used StartSmart and Nitrocycle. Basically just bacteria and ammonia. My sand is carib sea arag-alive and my rock is 20lb of carib sea life rock plus 7lb of the...
  23. certain_code

    High Nitrites and Nitrates 3 months into new tank

    Here is a quick rundown of my situation. I am 3 months into a new tank cycle but still reading 4+ ppm Nitrites and off-the-chart Nitrates as well. My research here has led me to a few similar discussions but I want to make sure my specific situation is similar and that I am approaching things...
  24. ElderMillennial

    Cycling and Temperature

    So I have just a general question. I haven’t been able to find anything out on this. I know about cycling,flow, light, no light, skimming, time and the stages etc… my question is: does temperature play any role or have any affect on the quality of the bacteria and the quality of the cycle...
  25. K

    Cycling salt water tank stuck at nitrite stage

    I’m currently doing a fishless cycle. I’ve used turbo which is help a ton and moved the cycle a long tremendously. And now it seems like my ammonia is going down to around 0.5/0.25 in a 24 hour period which i think is pretty good. I dosed the tank with 2-3 ppm. As for my nitrites and nitrates...