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How to manage the risks - Angelfish and coral consumption


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Oct 3, 2017
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I've done a fair bit of reading about keeping Angelfish and I would ideally like to keep one (or more) in a tank full of mostly SPS corals. I know that even with "reef-safe with caution" fish, each individual is different and some may in fact decimate your corals while another may not.

So I'm not looking for absolutes, but I'm looking at ways to reduce risk. This is what I have come up with so far -

1. Best choice is of course Genicanthus angels. Second best choice would be Centropyge . Avoid larger angel species and look for juveniles to purchase.
2. Avoid keeping meaty corals, acans, trachys etc as they seem to be the preferred cuisine.
3. Feed well, in variety and often.
4. Another not so common suggestion I have read about is maintaining very high flow to make grazing more difficult...not sure about that.

Are there any other suggestions that I could try? Grateful to hear from anyone who has experience keeping angels, particularly with SPS corals.
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Jan 13, 2018
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Great Macna talk on the subject.

Your list is a good start I would add some points emphasized in the video like keeping healthy colonies not small unhealthy frags. Unhealthy corals tend to attract attention from with-caution fish. I also think it’s better to start with small or juvenile specimens as they are less likely to have an engrained taste for corals from the wild though that is not always effective.

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