[i]Anampses twistii[/i] The Yellow-breast Tamarin wrasse


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Jul 28, 2013
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Corpus Christi, TX
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I got a baby A. twistii back on 5/21/2023, from Austin Aquadome, and posted about this on the Wrasse Lover thread with pictures. I tried my hand at difficult wrasses, and had experiences with several harems Leopards and with harem of A. neoguinaicus. Knowing that it is difficult to get healthy, when I saw a 1 inch baby A. twistii, I jumped at the chance. I only saw one for sale before, she was sick and I did not get her.
Actual first hand information for this wrasse are few and far in between. I would like any reefers that keep this beautiful wrasse please comment on this thread regarding your experiences.

I acclimated my baby Twistii in my 40 gal reef acclimating system. No treatment with any medication. She is doing great over the last 5 months in this system. I was too busy to get her out to put into my 320 gal reef. She feed on the fauna in the system initially, but is eating everything with gusto now. Pellets, flakes and frozen food.mixture of frozen and various flakes in AM. Pellets via automatic feeder 4 times a day. My QT is really full of algae and dirty right now so I cannot get a great picture of her. Here are some pictures I took of this beautiful wrasse.

I will try to update this thread off and on. Yellow-breasted Tamarin wrasse owners (and other reefers) please comment.

Pictures on 5/21/2023
Twistii2023052104 - Copy.jpg
Twistii2023052108 - Copy.jpg

Picture today 10/22/2023


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Apr 29, 2021
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@OrionN , any updates on the Twistii wrasse?
I'm really curious on how it's doing considering the lack of information out there on them, some first hand info would be great.
I second this.
This has always been a fish I've wanted to know more about.
Beautiful fish.

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