I just need to rant.



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Jun 28, 2020
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As the title says I'm just going to rant about the current events that have taken place with my tank.

My tank is running up on it's first year soon, I have never had any crazy problems, never lost a fish and only have lost a single chalice coral. Well I'm very afraid that will change. Around 2 weeks ago I added my dream coral for the time, every thing was doing great till I noticed a little hitching crab in the polyps, as anyone would I gently got him out,the coral suffered no damage as far as I can tell. As for the crab I'm just ready to throw him out, he's smaller than a half of a penny, way to small to identify, I have him in a tall plastic cup so he can't get lost. Well as of last sunday it seem the coral has introduced some parasite in to the tank and is slowly killing all my fish. My 2 clowns, fire fish, and diamond goby. They all are breathing lethargic, the goby doesn't go in it's home any more and just looks into space ALL day and night still eating for the most part. At night and only at night he gets red bruises in his transparent mouth under his eyes, not a clue what that's about but I know for a fact it isn't good, plus it just started. My female clown is probably the worst, she spending most of her day lying on the sand in the back, luckily she swims up in the water column a few time a day, but she's stoped eating, yesterday she seemed a little more interested in food I think? My male clown seems alright for now, he eats but I know he's got what ever demon is killing everything, his feces is white and very stringy. My fire fish, from what I've seen only has lethargic breathing and is eating. After a few post later I guess I got some answers on the medication I should get my fish. I'm going to follow @Humblefish's recipe for food soaking metro and prazi. But everything I have ordered won't show up till next Tuesday, I don't even know why we pay for prime anymore. Anyways I'm just really bummed, all my fish are in pain and all I can do is sit and watch. I really don't wanna lose any one I've had them all since the beginning and they have grown on me. My my tank is fairly stable parameter-wise I usually only have a little high phosphates, so I'm hoping my good Waller quality can pull them through.
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