IM Fusion Peninsula 20 build in Norway

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Mar 16, 2016
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Viken, Norway
Jumping a little bit ahead, this post might not be in the correct chronological order compared the next post I plan to add.
But it shouldn't really matter...

I started the tank with the light settings BRSTV Investigates recommended for 2 pcs AI Prime 16HD's for 40 gallon LPS, but scaled the intensity down to about 80%.

The mounting height is also lower than recommended by Randy at BRS, because I didn't want too much glare from the lights in my eyes while sitting next to the tank.
The mounting height is around 250 mm (10") from the water surface.

PAR-readings in January 2021 as follows (before adding too much coral):
Peninsula 20 right (BRS custom 80%).png

Peninsula 20 front (BRS custom 80%).png

Peninsula 20 left (BRS custom 80%).png

Measured with Apogee MQ-510 PAR-meter.

Needless to say, the AI Prime 16HD's really puts out!
I will scale the intensity down even further, to be continued...

Do you have a build thread or tank journal here on R2R?

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    Votes: 133 40.5%
  • YES but I don't keep it updated

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  • NO but I want to create one

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  • NO not interested in starting a build thread or journal

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  • Other (please explain)

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