For sale IM30 Tank (less than 1 yr old)

$199.00 to $225.00
This ad has been closed. Reason: removed from sale for emergency use
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Hello all,

Selling my IM30 today after having it just under a year. Upgrading to a red sea 300xl and already have another nano so letting this one go. Holds water and is a great beginner AIO or would be an awesome frag/grow out tank. dimensions are 36" x 15" x 13"

video link of tank running: here

What will come with the tank:
-mightyjet return pump
-IM UV sterilizer
-intank basket fuge for macro algae
-frag rack
-hyger heater (has built in thermostat)
-intank surface skimmer
-intank floss holder
-mesh top
-fuge light
-intank filter area cover (really cleans up the tank apperance, helps hide gear)
-eshopps nano skimmer

does not come with:
-live rock
-ato/ato container

please let me know if you have questions! if you are willing to deep clean the gear, i.e. clean inside return pump yourself, I’ll let everything go for $199.99 via venmo/cash app or cash. (scraping the coraline off the back wall and getting major gunk out, tank will have no sand or water inside when you pick up)



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Sep 1, 2020
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Annapolis area
Is this still available?
hello there! my apologies as I
forgot to modify the Ad to list as no longer available. moved livestock from my 20cube to this tank evening after I posted the ad, so this tank is serving as an emergency tank for the time being.

thank you for your interest! will note that it is no longer available
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