Large Coral Colonies for sale [Richmond, VA]

Michael Lane

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Aug 11, 2018
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I'm moving out of state, so I need to find good homes for everyone. I'm 10 minutes south of Richmond, near Powhite and Midlothian. Come by and take a look, but bring a couple of buckets to transport your new friends home!

Most zoa colonies are $20.
Candy Canes $50
Palythoa are probably $20
Ricordea $20
Large Rhodactis $30
Duncan $100
Yellow Birdsnest $10 - 100 by size
Green Birdsnest $60
Mummy eye on Tonga $250
Most other chalices $50-$150
Xenia - probably $10 or free if you get a bunch of other stuff

Here are some pictures to show the sizes of stuff

More detailed views of what I have available.
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