Last Shipping Day Before New Years - December 12

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Sep 12, 2021
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Hey everybody! Our last shipping day before the holidays will be Tuesday, December 12. Anything you order by 3 PM Central Time that day will ship that day. We are shipping all orders for second day delivery at no extra charge.

Because of last-minute holiday shopping, all the shipping companies tend to experience massive delays the week before Christmas, and the backlog doesn't begin to ease until after New Years. We don't want any packages to get delayed and held over the weekend (which sometimes results in our live plants/animals not surviving), so it's safest to avoid shipping live goods during this season of extreme delays.

Accordingly, we will resume shipping Monday, January 8.

If you have a subscription with us, we'll be sending you an email to see if you'd like your order to ship next week or if you'd prefer to wait until January.

Thank you so much for Thinkin' Dinkins!

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