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May 27, 2013
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Victoria, Australia
The post below was put together by Masov member @Dion Caramalis , I have just transferred it to the public section. Thanks Dion :)

Apart from being able to bask in the glory of my presence once a month, I thought I would compile a list of benefits of being a member of MASOV. If I'm telling lies or some information is out of date, let us know below and this post will be updated.
  • 5 or 10% discount at local stores, like Reeflections, Fish World, Deer Park & Bunarong
  • 10-20% off RO/DI systems and accoutrements at PSI Filters
  • Frags from store purchased, store donated & member donated corals fragged at the Masov frag day held yearly
  • Free (or subsidised) activities with us, like bus trips and aquarium entry.
  • Access to our equipment & library containing :
    • PAR Meter
    • Suction Cups for tank moving
    • Test Kits
    • Books and other reference material
  • Monthly meets where we share wisdom as deep as the sea. And sweet-chilli philly.
  • Free food at our frag day (Jen's baking OMG).
  • Membership in a support group. "Bro, I totally need a hand moving this tank!"
  • Access to first-hand advice if you are new to the hobby - where a newcomer to the hobby can arrange to have a member come around and offer them advice or help them solve a problem etc.
  • Frag swaps between members from tank hardened colonies without postage costs
If you would like more information please send a message, post below or take a look at our website

When is the last time you traded frags with someone either locally or via shipping service?

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    Votes: 60 11.8%
  • Weeks ago

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  • Several months ago

    Votes: 37 7.3%
  • Over 6 months

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  • Over a year

    Votes: 36 7.1%
  • Several years

    Votes: 47 9.2%
  • Never Traded

    Votes: 246 48.3%
  • Other (please explain)

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