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Nov 20, 2020
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I was enjoying my new 200 gallon Red Sea tank and due to an illness I’ve had to sell all. My tank, fish and corals are already sold. All I have left are my test equipment which got used 3 times. Here is my list with hopeful selling cost or best offer.

Hanna Phosphate kit $40.00
Hanna Alkalinity kit $40.00
Hanna Calcium kit $40.00
Red Sea Magnesium Pro kit $30.00
ATC Portable Refractometer $15.00

Submersible UV Filter SP5-UV $60.00
Aqua Supreme Air Pump-2 outlets with Air Stones $10.00.

I live in Mesa, Arizona. If interested please PM me and I will reply.

I will only sell in Mesa, Arizona because I will lose money if I have to ship. I can not compete with BRS or any other large company.
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