Need help setting up your ProfiLux 4? ***App / Web browser edition ***

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Jul 27, 2016
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The next generation of the ProfiLux 4 Resource Guide is now available for download!
While the original guide showed you how to setup and navigate the P4 via a PC, this guide will show you how to get started using the GHL CONNECT app.

About this guide
This is the go-to guide for new and existing ProfiLux controller owners. Here is where we breakdown the ins and outs of the controller and show you how to setup your ProfiLux from the moment you take it out of the box! Inside you will find easy to follow to-do steps and recommendations so you can be up and running in no time.

Are you a mac owner?
No problem. This guide includes shortcut links to our initial setup videos which show you how to setup the controller using only a web browser.

Want to see how-to videos instead?
Great! We've conveniently placed direct links within most HOW-TO topics to show you how to setup certain functions using the GHL Connect app.
In this resource guide (app edition), you will find instructions for:
  • ProfiLux 4 first time setup via app (incl. Wi-Fi and hotspot setup)
  • myGHL cloud setup
  • Basic temperature control
  • ATO / AWC control
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Email / text notifications
  • 1-10v lighting setup
  • 1- 10v pump setup
  • Vortech pump setup
  • GHL Connect app tips and tricks
  • And so much more
To download this guide, click the link below:
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Apr 10, 2019
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Russia Buraevo
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Good day from Russia. I am sorry to say right away that I am writing via an Internet translator. In Russian.
The problem is that I have Profilux 4, I used it for a year and the screen buttons stopped working, I had to order a new one, alas, the new panel did not help solve the problem. The buttons do not respond. To solve the problem, I ordered a new Profilux 4e, since it is cheaper than Profilux 4.
There is a new problem!
The block fee, salinity and Redox, rearranged to Profilux 4e. Now they are simply not visible. I tried to update the firmware in Profelux 4, with no result.
Help, tell me how you can configure connect Redox and Salinity. I would be very grateful. For communication there is a vatsap +79272364477 Rinat.

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