Neptune, take my money! (for extra alk testing)

Joe Rice

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Aug 25, 2016
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Littleton, MA
I'd love to run my Trident to test alk more frequently but the cost is prohibitive. However... if I could set it to test alk more often but still only test Ca and Mg twice a day AND if I could buy 3 packs of Alk reagent, that would be worth it to me and I'd give you guys more of my money! ;Greedy

Are your corals ever subjected to the open air with no water for water changes or tank maintenance?

  • Yes and I wish I had planned my aquascape better

    Votes: 19 13.6%
  • Yes even though I planned my aquascape for the possibilty

    Votes: 45 32.1%
  • No as I planned for this not to happen

    Votes: 31 22.1%
  • No not yet and I haven't planned for it

    Votes: 34 24.3%
  • Other (please explain in the thread)

    Votes: 11 7.9%
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