New 3RMAS Membership Policies!


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Apr 11, 2019
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**Updated Membership Policies!**
In an effort to improve our membership system, we have implemented all membership data-keeping on our website! We have also updated our 'perks of membership' information, including the rental use of our club's PAR meter! (More info to come, such as renting policies etc).
ALSO: You may receive an email stating 'thank you for your purchase!' Do not fret - This is simply us adding you into our new system. It is not a scam and there won't be any charges made against you.
Here are some of the improvements / updates we have made:
1.) All membership subscriptions will be handled through our website. A master list will keep track of any members needing to renew vs those that are active.
2.) Memberships can be set up to renew automatically, reducing the chance of it lapsing and removing access to our club's perks! The website system will also send out reminder emails to those not automatically renewing, ensuring they can renew in time.
3.) Lifetime memberships may be purchased as well, and we are looking to include bonus perks for lifetime members! (More to follow.)
4.) ALL members in good standing receive free entry to our frag swaps and other events hosted by 3RMAS. You will see a member discount of 100% when purchasing tickets on the website.
5.) If you are a current member, you will have active subscription up to your scheduled end-of date. From there, you can simply continue your membership via renewing on our website at
More information may be added here as we update our systems! Thanks for your patience, everyone!