New reefer seachem marine buffer mistake


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Nov 21, 2023
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Hello, I used one dose of Seachem marine buffer before realizing it is not intended for reef tanks and contains things like borate that aren’t good for reef tanks and/or can mess with alk tests. I also likely didn’t even need to use it. Definitely rookie mistake.

Will my fish, LPS (hammer and favia) and softies be ok with this one dose of marine buffer in the tank and let regular water changes remove the stuff in the buffer or should I be concerned and increasing my water changes. Any advice appreciated. kH before dosing was 8.5. pH was 7.8. I believe pH was low just due to lower oxygenation or sample being taken in morning which is why I say I didn’t even need to use the buffer. kH after is between 10 and 11

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